Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bishop Hill Hook-In

Yesterday was the Third Annual Bishop Hill, IL Hook-In at Colony School.  It was a gloriously beautiful sunny day about 52 degrees, and Colony School is a wonderful place for a hook-in.  Bishop Hill has lots of shops and great places to eat, so it is always fun to go there.  It is about 85 miles northwest of my home and a rather nice drive.  We've had a LOT of rain here in Illinois the past week, so I drove past many flooded places, overflowing creeks and places where the road had been underwater recently.  The Spoon River was waaaaay out of its banks.

Sally Kallin of Pine Island Primitives was the vendor again this year....I LOVE her rugs, and THE WOOL....oh the beautiful, beautiful wool she brought.   Sorry about the light on the rug in the above picture...lots of big tall old windows in the Colony School building.

I'm having trouble loading pictures today, but hopefully they will load.   Sorry to not have faces or names to go with most rugs, but here are some of the rugs I saw:

This owl rug was large and hung in a wood frame...very primitive.

The lady who hooked this colorful hippo is from Chillicothe, IL.  Her name is Geneva and she does GORGEOUS life-sized fine cut rugs.  I visited her years ago and she was kind enough to loan me my first hooking frame, which I later purchased from her.
This rug is nearly life-sized.  The lady who hooked it was behind it holding it up and I could only see the very top of her head!  Beautiful rug.

The lady who was in the process of hooking this wonderful kitty told me that this so resembled her cat who passed away in January.  I would find that heartbreakingly difficult to hook the likeness of a recently lost pet...very pretty border on this rug.

Well, I'm going to stop for has taken me nearly an hour to load these pictures....aaaarrrgggghhh!!!  Blogger must be having issues.

More to follow soon.  I'm going to Mom's in a few minutes to spend some time with her.  Have a great day!



  1. Linda ~
    Thanks for the rug show. I hope your next attempt at loading pics is more successful.
    Hugs :)

  2. So wonderful- thank you for posting them.

  3. YUM! Love all the rug pictures you shared! Looks like it was a really fun even to attend!


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