Saturday, November 8, 2014

New Finish

I've been hooking a table runner for quite a while and needed an (almost) instant gratification project, so I hooked this mat in the last few weeks.  It is one bird of a three chicken rug designed by Polly Minick.  I had never hooked a chicken before, so decided to simplify and to just do the "lonely" chicken.  Thought about making it a pillow, but instead,  hemmed the back of the rug in red wool 1 1/4" wide strips.  I love the way the background turned out.  The chicken wing looks a little blue in the picture, but it is a black and white tweed.  The rug measures 15 1/2" x 11" and is hooked in hand torn strips.

Mom has adjusted to the care facility very well and seems content to be there.  There are lots of activities for the residents,  and the staff is very good at making sure that they all get to the activities on a regular basis.  I really appreciate the job they do and that they seem to enjoy their work.  It makes a huge difference.  My sisters and I are planning to get together a couple of times a month to enjoy some "us" time.  We haven't done much of that in the past few years while taking care of Mom 24/ will be nice.

Hope you are enjoying the beautiful (but much too short) Autumn and that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I'm kinda getting in the mood for Christmas decorating....all the Christmas open houses in the area have done their job!  But FIRST, I need to do some major cleaning and organizing...esp. the wool room :0)

Have a great weekend!

Monday, October 20, 2014


Hello to Everyone and thank you to all those Dear Readers who kept checking to see if I had posted anything.  A special thank you to you, Kind Readers, who emailed me to see if I was ok and to ask me to keep posting because they loved to read the blog.  I sincerely appreciate your concern and care to check up on me!  Thank you.

Many of you know that my mother has Alzheimer's and that my sisters and I were caring for her at home and taking turns spending nights at her house to enable her be at home as long as possible.  We did this for over two years and two weeks ago, it finally ended with our having to place Mom in a local care home.  It was a very painful decision to make and one that we had all dreaded having to make.  The first few days were rough.  Mom seemed to adjust fairly well at first, but then three days into the new location she began having issues, possibly due to stress or to a change in diet or water or who knows?  Her health issues resulted in her being very upset and stress with Alzheimer's can result in a number of behavior changes and personality changes. I am happy to say that much of that has settled down and now, except for a cold which developed this weekend, she is doing ok.  She has asked several times if we could go home, but for the most part, she has been accepting her new surroundings.  Now my sisters and I are making sure that one of us visits her for several hours every day.  I appreciate prayers for her that she will continue to do well and accept the new "home."

I have had some opportunity to do some rug hooking in the past months, but have not done as much as I would like.  Our rug hooking group, "Wool Ewe Join Us" has been meeting regularly and we've had as many as 11 rug hookers come to the monthly meeting...a WONDERFUL start for our group!  We have decided to meet a second day each month in a different location, so I'm hoping our numbers will grow as a result. We are going as a group to the fall Bishop Hill Hook In this coming Saturday at Bishop Hill Illinois.  Wheaton Woolens will be the vendor this time, and I am looking forward to seeing her beautiful wool and patterns!  CAN'T WAIT!!

This is a picture of my latest finish, the two primitive cats which are from a pattern by Bev Stewart.  What a fun pattern!  I really LOVE the primitive look of these.  I tore strips about 3/4" wide and cut them down the middle, so the cats are hooked in a fairly wide strip.  They are 8" tall by 6" wide and are stuffed with a little fiberfil and also crushed walnut shells to give them weight.  The backing is wool.  The pumpkins are from a few years ago.  They are hooked with a #8 cut wool and stuffed with fiberfil.  The back is wool, also, and the stems are sticks from my back yard.

The leaves this year have been so colorful and beautiful!  Our weather has been a little rainy, but nice and so far our Autumn has been fabulous.  Hope you are enjoying the beauty of Autumn where you live.

It is nice to get back to my blog, and hopefully, I will get to post more often now.  I have missed being here and look forward to catching up on lots of blog posts from you all!


Friday, July 11, 2014

New Rug!

Last month, some friends and I took a trip to Davenport, IA to a beautiful rug hooking shop called "Wheaton Woolens."  The old stone barn, turned rug studio is owned and operated by Beth Anne Smiley.  The weather was stormy (tornado warnings), but it was such a fun day for us.  Beth Anne's studio has lots of beautiful wool, patterns and great atmosphere.  The setting is fabulous.  She also has two Wheaton Terriers who are very sweet, beautiful dogs who roam freely about the studio.  We spent the whole day, shopping, eating and hooking (what could be more perfect?) and also managed to avoid most of the severe weather...we did get into some pretty heavy rains.

The above table rug is one of Wheaton Woolens' patterns called Antique Tulip.  I loved the pattern and began hooking it as soon as I got took six days to finish the 20" X 20" rug and I really like the way it turned out.  It is hooked in 3/8" wide strips of hand dyed wool.  The back of the rug is covered with dark navy/black tweed wool which I whip-stitched to the rug.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Hugs, Linda