Monday, February 2, 2015

A Rug Hooker's Perogitive...Right?

 As I mentioned in my last post,  I wanted to crochet an edge on my latest finished rug.  After trying several inches of crochet, it just did not suit this rug, in my opinion.  After a trip to a wonderful local yarn shop to find wool yarn to whip the border, I left empty handed!  This shop has lots of beautiful wool yarns, but none of them seem to be the right color!  What to do?  I came home and considered my color options and decided upon using the actual wool that I used in the background to whip the edges.  I didn't want to make the border the focus, I was in the mood for simple.  After nearly a whole day of's harder when you use 3/8" cut :0)... I finished the edge.  I also added a 1 1/2" strip of wool all around on the back just under the whipped edge.  My thumb has a "needle pulling" blister, but it is finished!  I think I like it.

We have 7 new inches of snow this morning and the sun is shining...winter is certainly beautiful today!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Finish and A Trip to the Antique Shop

This is my newly hooked rug, which was inspired by a design from The Simple Quiet.  LOVE the way it turned out, and now I need to decide how I want to bind it.  I would love to try a crocheted edge using wool strips.  I've seen a short tutorial, but it wasn't complete, so it would probably be more trial and error on my part!  We will see...

I also have made an afternoon to visit one of my favorite local antique shops and brought home a few treasures.  I apologize in advance for the picture quality...something wonky going on with my camera....maybe operator error!

 LOVED the small redware bowl.  The hand crafted hearts are very primitive with a black bead at the bottom of each heart.  They looked wonderful in a bowl or hanging!
 I HAD to buy this wonderful prim snowman.  He is so much more primitive in person than depicted by this picture.  LOVE him!
 This old looking "crazy" cat was very inexpensive and waaaaay cute.  I also HAD to buy it.  It is sitting on a small hooked rug in an antique child's wooden chair.  Looks great (except for the chair's layer of dust!)  The little cat came the way it looks old, primitive and dusty looking...the fabric is wonderful!
Four ladies from our rug hooking group took a trip to The Woolen Needle in Williamsburg, IA last Saturday.  What a great shop!  Lots and lots of fabulous wool and the most helpful staff ever.  They were so nice!  After leaving The Woolen Needle, we decided to go just a little out of our way and stopped at Wheaton Woolens, in Davenport.  Beth Ann's shop was very busy that day, but we bought more wonderful wool and I also purchased two new patterns!  I think I now officially have projects lined up for the next 10 years! :0)  If you have never visited Wheaten Woolens, it is well worth a drive to see. Beth Ann's rugs are the her color choices.   I can't wait to go back!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Table Runner Finished!

Several months ago, I began a new rug.  The pattern is a table runner designed by Susan Feller.  I loved the pattern, but it was going to be waaaay too big for my narrow dining table.  I decided to alter the pattern and hook it.  It was one of those rugs for me where I struggled with color choices and changed my mind twenty times during the process.  After all the indecision, I have finished the runner today.  Here are some pictures:


I am really happy with the result.  One of the things I love about Susan's pattern is the asymmetrical design.  The leaves on the flowers are not exactly the same on each side of the center flower.  I also changed the flowers on the ends to this tulip style.  The original had flowers similar to the center one.  The rug measures 12" x 51" and the back is covered by brown tweed wool.

I hope you are not in the deep freeze as we are today. The wind chills are supposed to be around 30 degrees below zero tonight...ugh.  No school for the grandchildren tomorrow with those deadly wind chills expected.  Hope you all stay warm!