Thursday, October 4, 2012

Life is Beautiful!

The past two weeks have been.....well....let's just say that I hope the next few weeks are better.  Our house is 32 years old, and at the point where some renovations need to be made.  When our house was under construction in 1980, wood stoves were popular sources of economical heat.  We installed one in our living room and it did serve us well for many years.  The masonry flue has been having problems with cracks and leaks for a while, and we decided to take out the wood stove and masonry flue and replace the whole thing with a gas burning fire place.  The work began last week...yes we are doing it all ourselves...UGH!

This is what my living room looked like when we prepared to begin the demolition...

piles of debris....everywhere...

HUGE piles everywhere....

lots of stuff....

three dump trailers FULL of  it...all of which had to be hand carried out of our living room and basement and from our back yard to the trailer and tossed in.  I think I could wrestle with the WWF now.  I've developed some real "guns" in the process.  I even impressed my husband...he didn't realize that I was that strong!

Well, anyway, the junk is all cleaned up and hauled away and now we are left with a hole in the living room wall to fill with a be decided upon and installed in the coming weeks.  I'm hoping this will be "funner" than the demolition.

I've not been doing much hooking as you can see, but hope to catch up a bit now.

Life is beautiful!




  1. Whoa! You guys tackled a really big project and I'm impressesd! I'm sure all your efforts will be worth it in the long run and I look forward to seeing the new fireplace! Hope you get to do some hooking soon too!

  2. Wow Linda! That's quite the huge project you have going!! Nobody better mess with Linda now 'cause she could whoop ya!! LOL!! That is going to be a wonderful new addition to your home and so fun to decorate!! Can't wait to see more pics of your progress! Your trees are gorgeous!
    Cathy G

  3. Linda ~
    That's a big project but will be so worth it in the end! I love the instant heat and no mess of a gas fireplace ~ and no, I don't have one!
    Beautiful pic of the fall colors. I am pleasantly surprised at the color we are getting. I thought we'd be lacking in color this year due to the drought.
    Keep us posted on your progress!
    Pug hugs :)

  4. What a job! but how wonderful it will be to flick a switch and the fireplace comes on. we are still doing the wood thing but it is in the basement and have wood burning fireplaces on the main floor and in our bedroom.

  5. That is one ambitious project to undertake. I can only imagine how beautiful it is going to be.
    We have 'remodeling' coming up for us in the near future. But I may be one of the REARE BREEDS that LOVES things like this. I really am not sure why but I love having things done, seeing work done in the neighborhood, hearing hammers, saws - even the lawn moweres...but especially love work being done in my home. Strange huh? lol

    Blessings and have a wonderful weekend.


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