Sunday, September 16, 2012

Can We Go Through Your Stuff?

This week has been crazy busy.  Our town wide garage sales were Thursday.  I had decided last year that I would NEVER have another, but when the date rolled around, I got sucked in by the possibility of eliminating clutter and getting rid of things that were blocking the path to getting rid of other clutter!!  As a result, I have spent the entire week working on getting "stuff" together to sell, and then spending a looooooonnnngggg day selling it.  At least the weather cooperated this year.

The night before the sale, a truck pulled up into our drive and two ladies got out and rang our doorbell.  They own a primitive antique shop in a small town about 25 miles away.  They inquired if we were planning to have a sale this Fall, and wanted to look at the stuff we had priced.  Yikes!  We had stuff everywhere!  Fortunately, we had lots of things priced and in the garage on tables already, so we let them look.  They practically cleaned out the entire sale!  They completely filled up the back of their pickup truck with their purchases.  They bought furniture, seasonal decor, antiques, primitives....lots of it.

When they left, I wasn't sure if it would even be possible to have the sale the next day...we didn't have that much left.  We went through the basement and other areas again, and managed to come up with enough to fill four tables and then some, so we did go ahead with the sale.

That has happened to us before where people stop by the house on the day before just to ask if we are having a sale the next day!  All in all, we sold most of the stuff we put out and were pretty happy.

I never want, however, to have another sale....;0)

I've been working on a small Autumn project and hope to finish it today.  I'll post pictures whenever it is completed.

Have a great Sunday!


  1. Linda,
    First let me tell you how much I love the rugs you have pictured here! They must be your own patterns?
    That is the way to go when deciding to clean out...... whoever gets there first takes it away! I vowed never to have another sale also. They are sooooo much work! Those ladies from the shop were probably very very happy!!
    Did I tell you how much I love those rugs? The moon face is wonderful!!
    Cathy G

  2. Wish I could have attended your sale and bought some goodies - sigh! I had a yard sale ONCE years and years ago - now I just list stuff online, or send it to the thrift store cuz it's too much work to do a sale. I too love your rug - the subtle face in the moon is awesome!

  3. Linda ~
    Congrats on a successful sale. They are LOTS of work. Now you have some extra $$ to buy more!
    Hugs :)

  4. A yard sale on thrusday? wow I have never heard of that. Glad you sold most of your things.
    I have had one sale and it is a lot of work.

  5. Such beautiful rugs! You are very talented.
    Sales like that are a lot of work. At least you
    sold what you wanted to.Someone will be happy
    with your old things.

  6. Love your harvest moon rug...I just became your new follower.


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