Monday, February 6, 2012

What is This!?

I ran across a similar item on an art website and thought it looked pretty cool.  The one on the website was done in brighter colors and was finished with framed edges, so it was pretty much a large rectangle with straight framed edges.  It was being sold for $499.00!!!  That may not be much for a piece of art, but I don't happen to have $500 to spend right now so....

I decided to make my own!  How hard can making a wall "sculpture" be??  I took some narrow strips of rough-sawn wood and painted them with a paint wash.  I used colors from the rooms in my home that I had left over and thinned the paint with water.  After I had painted almost 50 of them and let them dry, I started playing around with the color combinations until I had the look I wanted.

Then, I put horizontal wood strips across the back of the wood slats and screwed each slat to the horizontal strips to hold the whole thing together.  Whew!  That took a little work.  I didn't want the finished sculpture to look so framed and rectangular, so I settled on this jagged edge look.  The sculpture measures 56" X 27", so it is rather large!

The great thing is that after living with it on the wall for about two weeks, I LOVE IT!  It looks primitive, rustic and unusual.  Two of my sisters came over last Friday for a visit and they both really liked it.  WhooooHooo!  And it didn't cost anywhere near $499.00!!

Have a great week!


  1. I love it ! Isn't it so cool when you can make something like that for yourself ?
    It looks wonderful above the sofa with the striped pillows !!
    Bird In The Hand Primitives

  2. I really really like it too!! Great piece of sculpture and way to go on doing it yourself!! Nice to save the $$$!!!
    Cathy G

  3. I think your new wall art is awesome! Definitely not something you'll ever see at your neighbor's house, huh?

  4. Don't you love it that you did it yourself? Great job.


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