Saturday, August 22, 2009

What a Week!

This has been "one of those" weeks. I started babysitting my three grandchildren as my DIL went back to teaching school. I have been wiped out at night!! I've never been in charge of three children before, so this is new to me. Let's just say that three are a lot more challenging than two! :0) I've been coming home after 10 - 11 hours with the kids and then having to make dinner...ugh! There have been nights that I didn't even do my dishes, I was so tired...I think I need to up my vitamins!

Friday, my husband had an outpatient medical test at the hospital, so I spent pretty much all day sitting in the hospital with him. (All is well, BYW!!)

Wednesday night our computer crashed and we had to take it in to have it checked out. Of course, it was the "motherboard", so that meant a new computer in our future! We actually stopped at our local store to look at them on the way home from the hospital Friday night. We picked one out, which of course they did not have in stock, so we drove to another city nearby and purchased the computer that we wanted. We couldn't bring it home last night, though, because they were doing whatever they do to get a new computer ready for use.

This afternoon was our granddaughter, Allison's, 4th birthday party, so we were partying with a large group of family and friends (lots of kids!) all afternoon. After the party was over, we stopped at the computer place to pick up our computer, and spent the evening so far, getting everything all set up and working. This new computer came with "Vista" and I'm used to Microsoft XP, so now it is like starting all over with everything. I lost all my passwords, emails, and email addresses, etc. so now I'm trying to rebuild my files! :0( You had better believe there will be backups this time! The one bright spot in this was that we had recently backed up all the pictures that were stored on the computer, so we really didn't lose pictures.

This has been like a lost weekend to me, so hopefully, everything will work itself out and I will get comfortable with this new operating system and be able to get back to blogging more often. I felt cut off from the world with my computer down!

I have a lot of blog posts to catch up on, so I will close for now. My rug hooking has been very sporadic this past week, so please forgive my lack of pictures and rug hooking news! Have a great Sunday!!

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