Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Birdhouses and Hooked Cell Phone Case

This is the cell phone case I hooked months ago but never got around to posting. This one turned out much sleeker than the first one I hooked. It is definitely much slimmer and neater looking.
This is a birdhouse constructed of weathered barn wood and rusty corrugated tin. I purchased this from a local antiques shop about 5 years ago. It sits on a rustic bench made by my husband. The birdhouse looks every bit like an old rustic house with a porch. The kittens like to walk through the front door and sit inside the "great room" or lie on the floor of the porch. Some of them have been pretty large when they went inside, and I was afraid that they would get stuck! Somehow, they all managed to wriggle their way back out. I have a miniature set of metal garden tools, including a shovel, a rake, a wheelbarrow, and a bucket, and a miniature woven basket that I used to place on the little front porch for fun. It looked very realistic. Whenever we have garage sales, people are always interested in this birdhouse sitting in front of our home.

Here is another bird house which is attached to a charming old oak tree near the lake. I don't know if any birds live in this house, but it does have a great picturesque location! The view of the 15 acre lake from here is fantastic!
When our children were young, we used to swim in the lake and camp on its shores on warm moonlit summer nights. It brings back a lot of wonderful memories. I am a bit claustrophobic, so I used to sleep by the screened door on our tent. I remember one night lying in my sleeping bag looking out at a full moon reflected on the water. It was so peaceful and quiet (except for the frogs!)
The most recent use of the lake for me has been kayaking. We have two one-person kayaks which we paddle around the lake for fun. It is good exercise, too! My daughter and I have been known to race across the lake...she usually wins! OK...she ALWAYS wins!!
My cat rug has become an annoyance. No matter what colors I have tried, it is not looking like I wanted it to look. I may set it aside and move on to another rug for a while. Does anyone else have these problems? Maybe it will look different to me after a break.


  1. The cell phone case turned out great!!
    Love the birdhouse too!

  2. Linda - That hooked cat is just like the one you sent to me! Love it! And your birdhouses are awesome - I have some on posts and they've started to rot away at the ground level and are leaning - need to get them replaced - sigh!

  3. I love this cell phone case I am sure that is the look of my cat Verne when he was caught eating my banana bread.
    Thank-you for a good giggle.

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