Saturday, August 15, 2009

Backyard Photos

I don't know if Praying Mantis are found all over the United States or not, but they are plentiful around here! They are so unusual looking and kind of comical. If you click to enlarge this picture, I think you will be able to see his cute heart shaped face. Two years ago we had a huge population of these on the side of our house. They would just walk up the siding and sit in the sun. If you move near them, they turn their heads and watch you.
I had a little trouble posting this tonight, and lost one of the pictures in cyberspace somewhere! This is a very large spider web that my daughter, Rachel, captured still decorated with early morning dew. It was really beautiful in the early sunlight. Fortunately, the resident and creator was not present for the photo-shoot! This web measured about 36" in diameter.

We snapped this picture of a resident of our garden pond. He was sunning himself on a lily pad. We had a bumper "crop" of frogs in the pond this year, but many of them have moved on. There are 3 larger lakes within visual distance of our home, so I'm sure that some of them relocated to larger living quarters!
We took Jess to the local vet this morning to have her stitches removed. She was a big hit at the vet's office. The employees all thought she was adorable and she, of course, had to "kiss" everyone and wriggle excitedly at all the attention. She weighs around 12 lbs. now and is doing great. Her baby teeth have been falling out, and she was gap-toothed for a while, but her new teeth are coming in quickly. Her biting and chewing capabilities were never hindered!! She now knows how to sit, shake, lie down, and roll over.
I will have to keep my rug hooking up off the floor from now on. Jess managed to "reverse hook" two strips of wool from my cat rug yesterday! Since I'm watching my grandchildren 4 days a week now, my time is limited, and I don't want to have to re-hook the entire rug. :0)
Hope you have a great Sunday!


  1. Linda ~
    Phenomenal pictures!!!!!!! I love the reflection of the black-eyed susans in the water. Is that a goldfish to the back right? That and the spider web could win an award. Thank you so much for sharing.
    So glad to hear that Jess is doing well. It's amazing how quickly they recover from surgery.
    Still waiting to see a picture of your cat rug...
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Linda, you have three rugs here. A praying mantis. A spider web. And a frog on a lily pad.


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