Monday, August 10, 2009

First Free Pattern Finish!

Lauren, from Rugs and Pugs (please see my blog list in the sidebar), emailed me a picture of her finished Willow House which she completed in punch needle. (See July 5 post for free pattern) It turned out great and has already been given to a lucky college friend of Lauren's. Great job, Lauren! Thanks for the picture.

Jess had her surgery (spaying) Friday, and we picked her up Saturday morning. She also was micro chipped and given all the rest of her shots, so she is free from vet visits for a while! It was strangely quiet in our house Friday night, and even Saturday Jess was somewhat subdued and sleepy. But Sunday look out!!! She was baaaaack. It seems impossible, but I think she has even more energy now :0)

I've been working on staying up to date on my 10 Minute Rug Challenge, so I'm getting a little hooking finished. I've started babysitting my grandchildren already, so my time has been cut dramatically! Also my energy :0)

I still hope to have an update picture on the large cat rug soon. Sorry to be so slow... :0(

Hope you all have a great week!


  1. This turned out well. I like the soft background.

  2. Linda ~
    I hope Jess is doing well. It is amazing how quickly they can recover!
    I'm anxiously awaiting a picture of your cat rug ;-) Mine is finally nearing completion. I, too, have been doing well on my ten minute challenge. Let's keep it up.
    Pug hugs :)


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