Friday, June 19, 2009

Christmas in June?

I've decided to begin a second new project today. This is my original design, and when finished will be a "winter" pillow. It is nearly 90 degrees and very humid here today, thus the dreams of snow and snowmen. I can handle cold weather much more easily than hot/humid, which is not good during summer when you live in the many extremes of Illinois weather. I have hooked this particular design in a 5" x 7" mini rug in the past, so I know I will love it as a larger pillow. This will measure approximately 12" x 15" when completed. I think I am going to make some patterns available on the selling blog this week - some of you have emailed kindly asking if I will have available patterns, so please check in to see within the next few days.

I'm including another picture of flowers from my backyard. This is a piece of vintage fence that I found locally in an antique shop a few years ago. My husband attached some metal stakes to the back so that it will stand upright (even in our strong winds). It makes a great backdrop for these perennials. The rusty metal sculpture is my garden bee (non-stinging!) Hope you have a great weekend.

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