Saturday, June 20, 2009


Computer problems are the pitts! For about a week now I keep getting error messages when I try to look at other blogs. IE pops up the error message that Internet Explorer is unable to open site. It then gives me possible solutions - none of which work! Also, when I try to post a comment on a blog that I do get to look at, I can't post it. The word verification feature (the wavy word pops up and you type it in exactly as you see it) won't load, which makes it literally impossible for me to post a comment!! I'm so frustrated! Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, in advance.


  1. Linda, I wish that I could help, but can't. The same thing has been happening to me, but only sometimes?! Add that to the times that my computer also shows cannot find server and you will know who and why has has screamed when you faintly hear it some night. Hope this resolves. Get back on, girl--I do like your posts. arlyce

  2. Arylce, Thank you! I also get those cannot find server errors sometimes. I think those are server issues (gotta love dial-up!) The problem I'm having is that when I want to make a comment on someone else's blog, the word verification word (the wavy ones) won't load. I get the red X like a picture that won't load. Since it won't load, I can't leave comments at all. Maybe it has something to do with my security setting. Microsoft keep putting out all those automatic updates all the time...maybe one of those updates made some security change that is not compatible with Blogger or something...sigh. I hope it gets resolved soon!

  3. Hi Linda!

    Have you tried 'Blogger Help'? Sometimes they have answers to 'issues' that are happening.

    Or, try to google your unable to post comment on blogger.

    I know sometimes 'Blogger' has some qwirks at times.

    Hope that gives other ideas.

    BTW, your kitties are soo cute! I'll have to remember your words about 'cat hair' on the rugs. {grin}

    Have a blessed day!

  4. Hi, Kris!

    Thank you for the advice about trying to google a solution. I will definitely try that. I didn't see my exact problem on Blogger Help, but maybe trying the forum to see if anyone else has had this happen would be beneficial. Thanks, Kris!

  5. I have also had problems. My laptop has Internet Explorer 8 on it and that is where I have problems. My desktop has IE7 and it works fine. In fact I installed IE8 last week on it, had problems and then uninstalled it. It goes back to IE7. I can't seem to uninstall it on the laptop though. I know others have problems with IE and have swithched over to Mozilla Firefox for internet searching. Leslie at My Country Home thought it had something to do with the followers tab. You might check her blog out. She seems computer savvy.

    I don't know much about computers so I can't offer much else. Good luck.


  6. just to let you know that i am not using a dial up...we have a dedicated line that goes wireless. my other issues are the same, not taking the verification...but only sometimes, which is hard to understand...also using IE7, and not willing to try to make any changes that might make it worse with more upgrades...was advised to not take any automatic upgrades and stopped that about 2 years ago. good luck, arlyce

  7. Thanks, Melissa and Arlyce, for your advice. I've just about decided that the IE8 issue may be what is wrong. We have been doing the automatic updates, which evidently isn't wise! This problem started about a week and a half ago about the time the "security" updates downloaded. I wonder if I can get rid of IE 8 and go back to IE7. I'll have to enlist my daughter to help. She has a lot more computer "smarts" than I. Arlyce, I knew you probably didn't have dialup...I think we are just about the last people in the US who still have it! ;0)
    Our server regularly has issues and for a few months about a year ago, we couldn't even log on to the internet. It was so sporadic that it pretty much rendered our computer useless. I live in a rural area and most of the towns around are small, and it just doesn't look likely that we will ever get high speed internet unless we get it through satellite. Thanks for helping, everyone!

  8. I switched to Mozilla Firefox ....and I have had no more issues....infact I like it better than IE. It is a free download and easy to install. Beth

  9. Beth - I've been hearing about Firefox...maybe this problem will be just the encouragement I need to get me to try the free download. I'm tired of connection and posting issues!! Thanks for the advice.


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