Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One of Those Days!!

Today was "one of those" days when there is no specific plan or agenda, but you manage to get a few things accomplished anyway. The picnic table got a much needed coat of paint, as well as did two garage doors! We finally got all the wire cages that my husband made put around the tomato plants, and I also did some much needed weeding of the peas. Our garden is looking pretty right now with all the rain we've had this spring. The cucumbers and zucchini are doing great. The lettuce, spinach, and radishes need some thinning, so that will probably be done in the next few days. Our garden is much later this year than in previous years, so we'll see how everything turns out. I can't wait for the first tomatoes!!! The Lily above is one of several we planted last year. They really are beautiful this spring, and the color is so breathtaking. We also now have our first flower (pink) for the year on the waterlily in the garden pond.
I was doing some work on the computer the other day and Zeb was in the house. He came into my studio and made himself comfortable (unfortunately for the teddy bears who normally reside in this basket. You can see one in the back raising a paw for help!) Zeb just plopped right down on top of all of them and had a little cat nap. The bears were all made about 8 to 10 years ago by my daughter, Rachel.

I know that I promised to limit my political comments, but I just have to say a few things about "Obamacare". Did you all see the news pictures of the size of that proposal!!!??? There is absolutely NO WAY that anyone in Congress will be able to read, much less scrutinize everything in that bill. It had to have been a foot thick at least! What-are-they-thinking? This is the one massive change that President Obama is proposing that sends a chill through my veins! All the things that have been railroaded through in the last several months (can it ONLY have been 5 months?!) will pale in comparison to the disaster that this health care plan will be. If you have a great privately run plan now (or even a mediocre one), enjoy it while you can because once Obamacare is enacted, one by one all other health plans will disappear. What employer will continue to provide his share of your expensive health care benefits, when there is a governmental alternative? Don't believe for a minute that there will be healthy competition between your private health care provider and the bloated federal government plan! In the end, there will be only one provider and it will be controlled by the likes of Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank and Harry Reid. Just contemplating that crew in charge gives me a migraine. This plan must be stopped before we are forever trapped in the quicksand of expense, ineptitude, corruption, and waste that is the hallmark of Federal government oversight. The Congress will attempt to pass this bill (possibly even over the mass protests of American citizens) without deliberate, thoughtful, thorough, honest debate and consideration. These are the same people who passed the Stimulus bill without ever having read it! The Republicans tried to stop the rush to vote long enough to allow members time to study it, but Mr. Obama wouldn't hear of it. The Stimulus was "far too important" to delay passage. You will note, however, that after the rush to pass it, less than 10% has actually been put into the system to start "stimulating!" The urgency was fabricated to encourage passage before scrutiny could shed light on its questionable content! Even worse, there has been so little oversight over money spent, that even Joe Biden was announcing that "of course we knew that there would be waste!" What would be the worst that would happen if the health care overhaul were to be put off to allow exhaustive examination? Why can't the government just provide a low cost alternative for those who do not already have health care insurance, or even better, just subsidize (like food stamps only fraud-proof) those who can't afford it so that they have the option to shop for health care that fits their needs? It could be such a simple and less expensive solution. I honestly don't know where Mr. Obama plans to get the funds to pay for this massive over-reach of government, but you can just bet that your tax bill and mine will soon be going waaaaay up!


  1. Oh Boy!!! I agree 100%...I can not for the life of me find someone who voted for Obama or agree with what he is doing..Even life long demos..they voted republican this past time. When Obama ticks off the media they will come down on him big time.. We are getting everything done medically that needs to be done this year before the health insurance goes to the pits..We are preparing for high prices in taxes and health insurance and food and gas and everything else.. it's so important to have a garden this year and freeze or can for the winter months. Keep on with the political stuff and I may be adding some to my own blog...Lisa

  2. Lisa, We can only hope that the press will finally begin to question the methods and speed at which Pres. Obama is enacting his agenda. I agree with you that we need to be prepared for higher everything!! We planted more in our garden this year and plan to freeze food for the first time in two decades. Please do add your thoughts about what is going on to your blog. The more people who speak out, the more chance we have to stop some of this insanity.

  3. Our garden is really late this year too! We've had rain for two weeks straight, and not much sunshine. I had to replant my zuchinni cuz of bugs, but hopefully it'll be better now with the sevin on it......

  4. Hi, Gayle! I hear ya' about the rain. We had rain and terrible lightening in the middle of the night last night. Our next big hurdle here will be the Japanese Beetle invasion that comes every year. They eat every tree leaf in their path, as well as my Rose of Sharon bushes. Maybe they will skip us this year...sigh.

  5. Linda ~
    You should become a political writer. You express yourself so well! Once again, I agree with you 100%.
    Your lily is beautiful and Zeb is just too cute!
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. Thank you, Lauren, I appreciate your kind words. Zeb is definitely a cutie!


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