Friday, May 29, 2009

New Visitor to My Backyard!

I'm sorry for the pathetic picture, but I had to hurry before he flew away, and I had to work through a window with a screen! This is the first time that I've seen an Indigo Bunting at my feeder, so I was excited to get a picture of him. They are such a beautiful blue. He came to the feeder several times today, so I'm really hoping he will become a regular sight around here (and maybe bring his family and friends!) The bright yellow goldfinches have been coming regularly also. They are such cheerful birds!
The flower beds are finally blooming brightly with the many varieties of Spiderwort that we have planted. They are easy to grow in our area and are really beautiful on overcast rainy days like those we have been having. They just seem to glow.

Olivia's preschool graduation was a lot of fun. She was so excited and felt so grown up when she received flowers. She and Allison attend a Christian preschool, and the program was very cute. I found a great gift for Olivia (actually two great gifts). One was a very colorful hopscotch game. It had butterflies and lady bugs in the design along with pretty flowers and numbers. It goes together like a jigsaw puzzle and is made of thick cushioned vinyl. Since the large pieces lock together, the kids can jump on the numbers without slipping. I also found a New Testament Bible that looks like a little purse. It is pink and white and has a strap/handle to carry it. The envelope-style flap snaps in front to protect the Bible pages. She loves anything "girlie" so it was a hit. I also bought one for Allison so that they would have matching Bibles for Sunday School.
I have finally started a new rug! I drew the design on the linen today and hope to start hooking it soon. I am in the process of deciding which wools to use, so hopefully it will come together smoothly and quickly!
Have a great weekend!


  1. That Indigo bunting is beautiul!

  2. I have never seen an Indigo bunting - just striking. I am so glad you got the photo.

    Olivia looks darling!! I miss working with the preschoolers - they are just so precious!

    Have a wonderful weekend! hugs, Linda

  3. Linda I am so happy you got to see one at your feeder! I have had them come to my feeders now for the second year, last year just one came but this year two! This year I got pictures! Aren't they just beautiful? And when they share the feeder with a Goldfinch..well it takes your breath away.

    The Bibles sound wonderful for the girls and Olivia is so cute!

    I look forward to seeing your rug Linda! :)


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