Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wish List

Do you have a wish list of things you would love to own one day? I have seen several things that I have on my "someday wish list". New living room furniture, a brick or stone herb garden in my back yard, a sunroom, a zero turn radius riding lawn mower!! Above are two examples of wonderful Shaker baskets that I would love to find (and be able to afford!!) I love pretty much anything made by the Shaker craftsmen of the past, but for some reason, these baskets speak to me. Their simple design is so beautiful. These examples were for sale on an auction site and went for far more than I could afford, but I'm hoping to run across one reasonably priced somewhere. Think it will ever happen? Maybe not, but I guess it doesn't hurt to dream!

Today was perfectly beautiful with bright sunny skies and upper 60's temperatures. I spent most of the afternoon outside swinging in our big rustic log swing. The cats (3 of them) decided to sit with (on) me and sleep in the sun! I did manage to get out from under them for a while and pulled a few weeds out of my neglected flower beds. We have had more rain this spring than I ever remember having before. We still have not been able to plant our garden (squishy soil.) I have tomato plants and lots of seed packets ready to go if we can just get 3 days in a row without drenching rain. The weeds and grass love it!

I found a blog today that I just LOVE!! It is called "Between Naps on the Porch". I have listed it in my favorite blogs, so please check it out. You MUST click on the post about her sleeping porch and be sure to click on the extra pictures on the right. It is fabulous! I will definitely be going back to see more. Her house looks great...even if it isn't primitive. :0)

Tuesday night we are going to Olivia's Preschool Graduation. She is so excited. They will be wearing little caps and gowns and marching in. They also have a program they are doing, so I'm sure it will be adorable. I hope you have a great week!


  1. Well besides the house I pictured in my post last night, my wish list is a mile long too - including a sunroom. I love those Shaker baskets. I have never seem them and I thought I had seen it all! Thanks for enlightening me.

  2. Oh My wish list is a mile long!
    Great baskets! I love Shaker things too!

  3. Don't laugh at me, but those baskets look like they're made from popsicle sticks! I do like them though!

  4. Or maybe tongue depressors??!! I LOVE the Shaker simplicity and clean lines of these baskets, though. I'm still looking to find one at a good price. Baskets are just great to collect in general.


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