Thursday, April 23, 2009

Contest Winner Announced!!

The guesses have been submitted, the numbers have been recorded, and the winner has been determined. Before I announce the winner's name, I want to thank each one of you who participated. I enjoyed it, and those who commented seemed to enjoy it as well! When I decided to do this, I sat and counted each "worm" as it went into the pint Mason jar. I was totally surprised at the number that it took to fill the jar. I had expected the total to be a far different number. Soooooooo (insert drum roll here in your imagination!) the winner of the first ever Wool Cupboard Contest is...............GAYLE, with the winning guess of 77 worms!! The actual number of wool strips that it took to fill the jar was 57, so you can see, Gayle was pretty close!

I will be sending her prize to her home in the next few days, and will at a later date post pictures of the prize for any who are interested to see it.

Yesterday and all day today were taken up with a yard sale, so I am asleep as I type this! Garage sales are SO MUCH WORK. I have made about 300 trips up and down the stairs to my basement, trashed my house, and endured gale winds outside during the sale today. I know I picked everything up off the ground about 10 times. It sounds like a hurricane going on outside even now and it's raining again! Oh well, enough least I made a little fun money and got rid of a lot of excess "stuff". Yard sales are great!!

Have a great weekend!

Talk to you soon!


  1. Linda, Every time after I have a garage sale, I say to myself, too much work, never again. I always think I'll donate everything to GW. Then my resolve weakens and a couple of years later I will have another one. Now that my kids are older, I don't have all the "junk" I used to. No toddler stuff to part with, all of which seemed to be HUGE, tables, chairs, slides, etc. Have fun spending your profits. ~Ann

  2. Congrats to Gayle...
    Prim Blessings..

  3. YAY! I'm so excited to be the winner of your contest! Can't wait to get my prize in the mail. Good luck with your garage sale. And thanks for having such a great blog!


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