Monday, April 27, 2009

Cherished Belongings and Things You Love

I've mentioned this sofa table in a previous post, but this is a front view and with closer detail. My dad, who passed away nearly 12 years ago, made this table for me. When he retired from his job, he took up wood working as a hobby. Over the years he made everything from clocks and wooden bowls to desks and framed dressing mirrors. He used to work crossword puzzles a lot and would sit around reading encyclopedias. He had a love of learning and was always reading something, which was surprising since he had never finished high school. He joined the Navy during WWII at the age of 17. During his lifetime, he had been a farmer, a salesman, and a factory worker, and he was a life-long St. Louis Cardinal baseball fan! Anyway, this table is something I cherish because my dad made it!! The wooden bowls on top are part of my wooden bowl collection. I LOVE large old wooden bowls (the more primitive and weathered, the better!) The three big pears were made by my daughter. She is very talented at making her own patterns, and I love the things she creates. I guess the love of creating has been part of three generations. My dad, then me, and now Rachel. I don't know about any generations farther back. That would be interesting to research.
Here is the view from my kitchen, looking down the hallway. The room in the middle of the picture on the left is my living room. The three large bowls are hanging with leather ties from an old tobacco rack. There are hooks along it from which the tobacco leaves would hang in dried bunches. Most of our walls (the non-wood ones!) have a textured finish which we did ourselves. We took drywall compound and made random trowel marks on the walls before painting. It's a nice look like old primitive plaster.
My sister is still in the hospital, but improving, and will hopefully be able to go home soon. I got a much needed haircut today, and now feel a bit scalped! It turned out to be quite a bit shorter than I had planned!! Thank goodness my hair grows fast!
It is raining right now and has been most of the day. At least it is warm! Hope you have a great rest of the week.


  1. I am glad your sister is doing better!
    That sofa table is wonderfuL! What a treasure for you.
    How great you have been blessed with so much talent in your family.

  2. What a great legacy for your family. The table will be so special for generations to come. Glad your sister is doing better. Take care.


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