Saturday, May 2, 2009

40 Days and 40 Nights?!!!

Maybe this is the end of the rain for a while??? The farmers have been unable to get into the fields to do any work this spring. Here it is the first week in May and there are puddles everywhere. The Canada geese have plenty of water to swim in around open fields! My husband keeps trying to mow, but the squishy ground prevents that in several areas, and since we have three acres of can see the problem! At least the sun is shining right now and it is warm today. Beautiful.
The birds have been out and about more lately. Bird seed costs more than our food, though, so they may have to search on their own sometimes, too!! I love to watch the different birds in the back yard. We see lots of different species now that our trees have gotten taller, and it's a lot more interesting. It would be a very dull world without the colorful and cheerful songbirds.

We have seen some other visitors around too. A rather portly squirrel has been getting into the bird feeder, and this this little fellow showed up under the deck. Our numerous cats outside seem to curb the rabbit population anymore, but we have seen a pretty stout opossum up on the deck at night...looking for a morsel of cat food to eat. We have also seen evidence of deer in the yard. I flipped on the front porch light one night and surprised a raccoon with his front paws up on the step ready to visit the front porch. Visiting creatures make life more interesting and fun and sometimes challenging to keep them from destroying plants, etc. in the yard. Hope you are enjoying a beautiful Spring day as we are here. Have a great weekend!

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