Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Table Runner Finished!

Several months ago, I began a new rug.  The pattern is a table runner designed by Susan Feller.  I loved the pattern, but it was going to be waaaay too big for my narrow dining table.  I decided to alter the pattern and hook it.  It was one of those rugs for me where I struggled with color choices and changed my mind twenty times during the process.  After all the indecision, I have finished the runner today.  Here are some pictures:


I am really happy with the result.  One of the things I love about Susan's pattern is the asymmetrical design.  The leaves on the flowers are not exactly the same on each side of the center flower.  I also changed the flowers on the ends to this tulip style.  The original had flowers similar to the center one.  The rug measures 12" x 51" and the back is covered by brown tweed wool.

I hope you are not in the deep freeze as we are today. The wind chills are supposed to be around 30 degrees below zero tonight...ugh.  No school for the grandchildren tomorrow with those deadly wind chills expected.  Hope you all stay warm!



  1. Love love love your color choices! We are cold and getting colder going into tomorrow.

  2. Beautiful rug! I don't know where you live, but when my kids were young we lived in North Dakota. Wind chills would be -80 & the kids would still have to go to school!

  3. It turned out so nice. Great colors! Love the changes you made to adapt it to fit your home needs too!

  4. This is outstanding and I could visualize it on my farm table too. I just do not need to acquire another hobby/craft. My grandmother was an accomplished hooker, so I do have a tendency to admire a lovely project when I see one. Tis Beautiful...

  5. Love, love, love this rug! And it looks right at home on your gorgeous table! The antique black background you used is one of my favorites! Glad you adapted the design to meet your needs.

  6. Linda,
    Your rug is wonderful ~ perfect in every way! Even though you may have struggled with your color choices (I can relate!), the choices you made are beautiful.
    Nasty cold is here in Ohio, too. I'm with you...spring can't get here too quickly...and it's really been a mild winter so far.
    Hugs :)

  7. BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    I love the look on the table....how long did it take you to finish it?

  8. I love your table runner it's just beautiful


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