Saturday, May 24, 2014

Rug Finish

Please excuse the long delay in has been very hectic and eventful lately, so I have REALLY neglected my blog.   I hope to do better!

I've been working on a 30" x 30" geometric, designed by Margo White.  Finally, yesterday I finished the to hem.  This is my first time using a 3/8" cut and I've fallen in love with wider cut hooking.  Now I want to try one even wider!  LOVE the primitive look of wide cut, and it does go a little faster!

On my monitor, the color looks a little faded, but the colors are fairly rich in person!

I have quite a few rug pictures to share from the Bishop Hill Hook In and also from the St. Louis Hook In, as well.  Will have to organize a little before I post them.

Have a great Memorial Day Holiday.  Thank you and may God Bless all those who serve in the military as we remember those who have sacrificed all for our freedoms.



  1. I love it I hooked a rug that was very similar to that.
    I love the wide cut too.

  2. Linda ~
    Your rug is WONDERFUL! Oh, how I love those wide cuts!!!
    Looking forward to the rug show.
    May God bless all who serve and who have served.
    Hugs :)

  3. Hi, Liinda,
    I really love your rug, you have captured the antique-y feel perfectly. The colors are perfect!

  4. GREAT rug Linda - I'm so glad you shared it with us. I recently spent a week in the St. Louis area and enjoyed my time there. Didn't even THINK of looking into rug hooking events! Argh!

  5. Beautiful--have you chosen your next project?


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