Friday, January 24, 2014

Rug Progress

Took a quick picture of the rug progress on the free Dorothy Panacek pattern from Rug Hooking Magazine (old issue).  The background doesn't look this green in person.  I like the primitive look of the background so far.  It is a little more subtle than depicted in this photo.  Can't wait to get this rug finished.

It has been a while since I have posted...our lives have been pretty hectic with sick grandchildren, caring for Mom and holiday busyness.  We also have 3 birthdays in the family in January.  The weather here in the Midwest has been.....challenging to say the least.  Today we had 40mph wind gusts, combined with single-digit temps and snow blowing across roads and yards.  It was horrible outside all day.  I am soooooo ready for spring.  Not to be, is supposed to be cold and snowy for the next week, I think.  Sigh.  I may move south....

Have a great weekend, everyone!
Hugs, Linda

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  1. So sweet!
    It is awful in Ohio, too. I hate it!! I'll move with you :)


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