Monday, July 2, 2012

Wool Room Update and Some Pink Birds

I FINALLY finished cleaning and straightening my wool/computer room!  It took some doing, but I have my wool all organized in (somewhat) neat stacks and folds, all rugs are hung somewhere and the general clutter is gone.  I even organized all my (many, many, many) worms into containers of like color groups!!  Yay, me!  I feel oh so much better!

Today is the first day of my husband's retirement.  Here is the surprise flock that greeted him from  a couple of friends from work!  Jess had to sniff each one, of course!  This will be a big change for both of us!

Have a great week!


  1. Linda,
    I have some serious wool organization envy going here as I'm drooling over your wool cupboards! Gorgeous!
    Congrats to hubby on his retirement! I know what you mean by the change for BOTH of you! I'm wondering how that will be for us in a few short years..... but I guess we have to both make it there first!! LOL!
    Cathy G

  2. Your wool looks gorgeous and very neat.. I should be so lucky. Hope you enjoy your "big change".

  3. Linda, I've been organizing my wool & fabric this summer - sure does feel good to get it in order. Yours looks great - I don't have that much wool to keep in order.

    Good luck with the retirement! I'm sure you will have lots of fun together. ~Ann

  4. Linda ~
    I have some serious envy, too. I thought I was doing good just getting my wool folded and back in the cupboards. Yours is so organized. Love all your little rugs hanging everywhere. So sweet! Did you hook the bunny with the star twice or did you re-arrange after taking the one pic?
    Congrats to hubby and good luck to you :)
    Happy 4th to you and your family.
    Pug hugs :)

    1. Actually, Lauren, the rabbit rug hanging on the inside cupboard door was hooked by my daughter. About 10 years ago she wanted to try it, and I made up a kit for her using one of my patterns. I must say that she did a great job, and the rug looks great...esp. for a first attempt at hooking! She was not bitten by the hooking bug, though, and has never done any more.

  5. I love all your cupboards. You make me want to try to get more shelves and really organize my own wool room! Love the flamingos! Happy retirement to your hubby.

  6. Wow that wool looks good! What a great job you even organized your worms? I'm impressed! Happy retirement to your groom! Have a great 4th!

  7. Everything looks so GOOD! You must buy mostly new wool? I always use thrift store wool and it's hard to get it folded neatly and uniformly when the pieces are such odd shapes because of the clothing that they used to be. How nice to have all your rugs displayed where you can see them

    1. I do buy wool off the bolt, and also search for wool skirts at the thrift store. It does make it harder to stack when you cut up wool garments and try to make use of every square inch!!


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