Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Wool Creation

I'm going to see my mother this afternoon and will be taking this little gift.  She is suffering with some health issues right now and needs more help than she used to.  My sisters and I share in going over to visit and in helping her do many of the everyday things that she can no longer do for herself.  We will have lunch and look at pictures of her great grandchildren and just visit.

This is a small scissors holder, made from wool.  I made it yesterday from a pattern by Amy McClellan from Under the Garden Moon.  It was easy to make, but after looking at the picture, I need to improve my stitching skills!  It isn't obvious in person, but in the picture it is "yelling" amateur.  I admit that I am out of practice in the hand stitching my reading glasses need a little upgrading, I think!  Anyway, I think she will like it and it will bring a little sunny cheer to her today.

Hope you all have a great week.  It is supposed to be significantly cooler here beginning today, so I'm happy.  These 103 to 105 degree temps every day are taking their toll on my willingness to do anything at all outside.  I've been walking Jess and watering my poor droopy flowers and that is about it.  I love my air conditioning :0)



  1. Linda,
    Your little scissor case is WONDERFUL! I'm sending prayers and good thoughts for your Mom. She is lucky to have you and your sisters to help and care for her! I hope you get the cooler weather soon. It has been a little better here and less humidity and that really helps my mood considerably!!!!
    Hugs and blessings!
    Cathy G
    ( ps thank-you for sharing the pattern source ... that will go on my must have list!)

  2. Linda: I am so happy you are helping your Mother, I work in the health field and see many times how families neglect their ill Parents.
    I work beacause I partially support my wonderful lovely Mother.
    So many people take it for granted that their Parents can do on their own or they put them away and neglect them.
    I love my Mother She my Fater and God gave me life.
    Love your sicssors protector.
    I will say prayers your Mother gets better.

  3. Linda ~
    I'm sure your mom will appreciate her little gift ~ especially since it was made by you! Give her a hug for me. It's so hard watching them age.
    Today's temps are about 20* cooler than yesterday and it feels heavenly. I played all morning so now I mus get busy.
    Hugs :)

  4. It is nice that you and your sister shar the duties.
    what a sweet little gift.

  5. Morning wonderful of you and your sister...but it's what we do as children isn't it. We have a role reversal when we get to this age. I say thank goodness for children.
    We have a cool spell running through southeast Wisconsin this morning - woke up to 68 degrees! YEAHHHHHH....we opened the windows for the first time in over 2 months.

  6. first off congrats on your husbands retirement.. a new start of each day! im 3 doors down from mom and dad so we are near for each other.. i hope your mum is feeling better and im sure your little gift will make her smile it is so nice. love all your wools and rugs in your room! anxious to back track and read some more of your blog! really hot here in minnesota...too. enjoy your day!

  7. Thank you all so much for your kind expressions of concern for my Mother. Alzheimers is a horrible disease and is hard on the patient and those who love them. I appreciate your prayers and thoughts more than you can know.



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