Wednesday, May 23, 2012

150th Post Giveaway!

Thank you to those of you who were so kind to inquire about Graybee and cared enough to email me with suggestions and advice on how to help him with his feline hepatic lipidosis.  You are all wonderful caring people.

This picture of Graybee was taken yesterday!  After nearly two weeks of vet visits, forced feedings every two hours, IV rehydration, antibiotics,  giving him every kind of cat food, meat, Ensure, cat vitamins, Pedialite and anything we could get him to eat or drink, he is doing great!  His jaundice is almost gone.  He is eating on his own and drinking water on his own.  He has his energy back and is well enough to frolic in the catnip patch this afternoon!  He is his old self again, hunting and grooming himself and walking with us around the yard when we walk Jess (our dog).

We are still cautious and watching his food and water intake, in case he shows signs of dehydration again...a rather difficult thing to do with a roaming outdoor cat!!  Again, thank you so much for caring.

This is my 150th post, and I felt that a giveaway would be fun, so I'm going to offer a copy of Pat Cross' book, "Simply Primitive", as well as some wool.  If you would like to participate in the giveaway, please leave a comment with this post, and I will randomly draw a name from those who comment.  I will draw the winner's name around 6:00 pm this Saturday night and post the winner that evening.  Good luck, everyone!



  1. What a wonderful goody giveaway...Congratulations on all those posts...It's not always easy to keep up and post...
    Please, purty please enter me :)

  2. I'm glad kitty is doing better. I will have to read up on his story. I'm not familiar with the book, but with kitties on the cover it must be good. :-) Please throw my name in the hat.

  3. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Glad your dad is doing better!

  4. Linda, So glad Graybee is better. I would love to be entered into your giveaway - I check that book out of the library every summer to drool over. Thanks! ~Ann

  5. I'm so glad your kitty-cat is feeling better. What a lovely giveaway! Count me in!

  6. So glad that sweet kitty is feeling better.
    please put me in for the giveaway.
    have a great weekend

  7. So glad your furry friend is doing much better. My "girls" send a very happy "MEOW"!

    To whoever wins the book: Please read the dedication. It's to our beloved "Scout". I can't believe she's been gone almost 6 years.


  8. Please enter me into the giveaway. I haven't seen that book, but the cover sure looks nice!

  9. So very glad Graybee is doing better. Give him an extra petting for me, okay? ... jan

  10. Glad to hear Graybee is doing better. Happy Memorial Day to you and thanks for a chance at your giveaway.

  11. Glad your kitty is better. I know how stressful sick pets can be! Congrats on 150 posts! Laura

  12. So good to hear your kitty is feeling better. Our pets are part of our family and we ate to see them sick. We just lost one of our kitties we had had for about 16 years and it was so hard.I would love a chance to be entered into your giveaway. Congrats on the blogging. Blessings ~Sara

  13. Glad your kitty is feeling better. I'd love to have a chance to win this book. Congrats on your blogaversary,

  14. I'm so glad to hear Graybee is doing better! All the tender loving care you gave has been rewarded! Hope he continues on a good healthy path!
    Thank-you for doing a wonderful give-away in honor of all your posts! It is always a pleasure to come read your blog and see what you are working on!!
    Here's to 150 and more posts!!
    Cathy G

  15. Linda ~
    Congrats on 150 posts!!!
    So happy to hear that Graybee is doing better. I'm sure it's all that TLC you've given him.
    What a great give-away but I'll sit this one out since I already own that wonderful book!
    Hugs :)

  16. I'm sure you're relieved that your kitty is better. I have one Pat Cross book that I love so I bet this one is great too.

  17. If you're drawing the winner Sunday evening, I'm guessing that means that you are avoiding the holiday crowds and staying home - just like us! That's a lot of posts that you've written!

  18. So glad your kitty has mended. When they hurt, we hurt.
    I'd love to have that book. Please throw my name in the hat and thanks for the chance to win it.

  19. Oh, gosh yes... this would be simply splendid, indeed. Doesn't Pat Cross do amazing work -- warm and fuzzy. 150 posts is an amazing feat. Congrats and happy holiday!



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