Thursday, February 23, 2012

Parting with Some Treasures.

I've been trying to reduce visual clutter and the size of some of my collections (yikes!) and will be offering some things as online "garage sale" items.  Many of the things will be antiques.  If you are interested in any item posted,  please contact me through my email button and I will contact you with my PayPal ID.  Please leave a comment below if you email me...I must confess that I sometimes forget to check my blog email as often as I should (my bad.)

This 5" X 9" picture is by Alison Shriver.  She is an artist who makes silhouette collages, paper cuttings, and does wonderful grain painting!  This was purchased in Vermont about 17 years ago.  The frame is grain-painted, and the print is of a Windsor settee and arm chair.  It is signed by the artist.

It is in great condition, with a slight puncture in the floral paper covering the back of the artwork.  I'm asking $30 plus $4.50 shipping.

I'm working on a really cute (in my humble opinion) small rug or pillow (haven't decided yet) that is more than half finished...hopefully will have a picture this weekend.

Have a great Thursday!

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