Thursday, September 29, 2011

Busy Two Weeks!

We've been having all kinds of wonderful  Autumn weather, from rain to sunshine and very cool.  This is my front patio fall grouping in the rain.  The past two weeks have been crazy!  I've been pricing tons of stuff for a huge garage sale and then "enduring" the actual garage sale.  We, of course, had stuff left over and took that to the local Mission Mart store.  The next day, my entire family (including my brother who lives in Alabama) came over for a wiener roast.  The weather was absolutely perfect.  It was frantic getting ready for the gathering, though.  You know how dragging all kinds of stuff from every corner of your house and the basement makes dust and dirt and clutter.  I had to clean the ENTIRE house the day before after spending three solid days pricing, digging through the stuff and then carrying much of it upstairs and outside for the sale...yikes!  The sale went very well and I was very happy to find homes for all those things!

This is from my front porch table.  The little spider was found at a local pumpkin farm.  It's kinda creepy, but I thought our grand kids would think it is pretty cool.  It has a short sharp spike that you push down into the pumpkin so it stays in place. 

This week I've sewn three pairs of swim pants made from towels for our 7 year-old Granddaughter, Olivia.  She is on a swim team, and was supposed to be in her first meet this weekend.  The pants turned out really cute, but she came down with strep throat and has had a fever all week.   It looks as if she will miss her first competition.   So, I've been pretty busy and need to clean my house and catch up on laundry...AGAIN...a woman's work is never done, right?

The above little pumpkin man was made by my daughter a few years ago.  It is made from papier mache' and wire.

I was going to add another picture, but blogger has decided that I am no longer connected to my server and won't let me add the picture.  My server shows that I'm still connected, so I don't know what the issue is!  Anyway, I will just stop with the pictures posted for now.

Hope you are all having a great week.  I'm in limbo with my cat rug for now.  I need to make a skirt for my DIL for a school activity...I had never even heard of Miss Frizzle!  She is supposed to dress as Miss Frizzle and needs a skirt with planets all over it....ok....I can do that....

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