Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Antiquing and a New Rug Preview

I made a quick trip this afternoon to my favorite antique shop.  It was one of those rare days when I found MANY things that I wanted to buy.  In fact there were so many treasures that I spent WAY more time there than I had intended, trying to decide which items to purchase.  Complicating the decision making process was the pitiable state of my checkbook!

There was a great old basket (one of my biggest weaknesses!)  There was also a to-die-for hand carved wooden bowl with tin repairs which I could just picture on my kitchen counter filled with apples...sigh.  A child's rocking chair painted white caught my eye, as grandchildren would look so cute sitting in it!  Then there was the black sofa table with carved legs...I REALLY wanted to snatch it up and take it home.

The grand total for all of my objects of desire would have been around $300,  so I came back down to earth and faced the bitter reality...I couldn't buy it all...sniff...sniff.

I did, however, LOVE the few things that I felt within my price range today.
This one quart stoneware bowl appealed to me because I love this kind of stoneware and it is a shape I had never seen before.  It is small - 6" in diameter and 4 1/2" tall, and I plan to fill it with some hand sewn vegetables (carrots, radishes, peas, etc.) found another day.  This will go in my kitchen.
The woven table runners are wonderful.  The red one photographed a bit brighter red than it actually is.  It is long and narrow (9").  The other runner is shorter and 12" wide.  There are several possible places I have in mind for them.  It was a fun afternoon!

Also, I have been working on a new rug, and here is a small preview:
I've always loved very primitive floral rugs, so I will show you more as it you can see, I've just begun!!

Have a great week!


  1. Linda, stopping by to say hi, and say tht I am glad to see you working on another rug!

  2. Hi, April! I've been following your blog and your wool colors are beautiful...congratulations on your newest book. Looks like Alexander is just as talented as his Mom!

  3. Hi Linda, Glad you are back blogging on your wool blog. I've missed your inspirational rug hooking photos. I've started a new rug, finally, I was just so intimidated to start, but I figure I can always rip it out. ~Ann

  4. Hi, Ann!

    Believe me, I know all about "reverse hooking!" I'm glad that you have started a rug, and hope to see pictures soon. I was just on your basket site last night, drooling over your wonderful creations.

  5. Linda - I'm guessing your new rug will have a dark background? I love florals too - can never have too many in my opinion! Your new stoneware bowl is awesome - I don't think I've ever seen one shaped like that before!

  6. Hi, Gayle!

    Yes, the background will be a mix of several dark wools. I wanted it to have a kind of vintage feel, so I'm planning to not have a lot of color in the rug.

    I really like the bowl, too. I put the prim vegetables in it last night, and I love them together!

  7. Linda ~
    I am so happy you are back here blogging! I missed you.
    Love the stoneware bowl.
    Keep us posted on the progress of your rug, please.
    It sure would be fun to antique with you!!!
    Pug hugs :)

  8. Hi, Lauren!
    Thanks for the kind words. It is good to be back!


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