Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pix of My Christmas Stuff!

I'm sorry for being so absent lately, but things have been pretty hectic for me. I've been spending long days away from home and have been pretty wiped out when I do get home! I did finally get around to decorating for Christmas, so I hope you enjoy the pictures. One request...please don't focus on the layer of dust on my floors and furniture. I did get the decorating finished, but the cleaning is still on my "to do" list. We have for years and years always bought Frazier fir Christmas trees. I still LOVE the scent and look of the Frazier, but we waited so long to get our tree this year that they were sold out in our area. Since we were in a hurry, we decided to put tradition on hold this year and buy a kind of tree that we had never even heard of. It is called a Plantation Grand Fir. The needles are very soft and it is VERY full. The branches are a little wimpy, but I managed to find enough sturdy ones to hang the heavier ornaments. I decorated it in gold and silver, but I did add a few small green glass ball ornaments, too. I also used several different icicle ornaments, as well. It is a little different look from our usual more primitive tree, but I do like it.

Yet another wooden bowl! This is another 17" diameter bowl filled with pears that my daughter and I made. I also added some small grapevine balls and some dried oranges. I like the primitive look. The garland around the bowl is adorned with gold berries and gold bells. It was a great find at a local nursery.

This cupboard is in the hall near our bedrooms, and it holds all our DVDs! I loved this cupboard as soon as I saw it and left it as found for several years. Last year, I decided to paint it, and I love it even more now!

This is the entry to our home. As you can see I love the large candy canes. They are described later in this post since I haven't figured out how to re-arrange pictures after they are uploaded, so my post is all out of order. Oh, well, I hope it all makes sense eventually!

I really liked this candle holder/star when I saw it in the same local nursery I mentioned earlier. Bottle-brush trees are another thing that I have collected for a few years. I now have a virtual forest of bottle-brush trees. This year I spread them out all over the house instead of displaying them all together. It is fun to change decorations around each year. It would be less interesting to do everything the same every year, don't you think?

My sister gave this sled to me a few years ago. I love the antique look, but I don't think it is really old. It is made of iron and wood, and I added the greenery, glass balls and ribbon to add a Christmas touch.

A garland of greenery with pine cones dresses up my hanging wooden bowls. Love it!

These glass ornaments are very heavy and change in appearance in different light. You can see through the glass in daylight, but at night the finish is like old mirror. They are large (approx. 6" in diameter). Looks Christmassy outside with the snow!

This swag hangs on the door of the ash cupboard which belonged to my husband's grandfather.

The above picture is my "beloved" large wooden bowl filled with 8" whitewashed grapevine balls, greenery and red berries. I love the look, and use this as my dining table centerpiece.
This is a large hand painted tin bucket that I have filled with various greenery, berries and one of my favorite things, three of my large prim candy canes. I have collected these for a few years and buy them whenever I find them for half price after Christmas. I just last weekend found two more! The candy canes are approx. 32" tall, so it makes a nice large display.
This little snowman is my favorite Christmas ornament. He is really cute in a primitive sort of way, and adds some winter whimsy wherever I decide to hang him every year.
Antique ice skates are a fun winter touch. The ribbon adds a little shimmer for Christmas! I haven't quite figured out how to move pictures around once I upload them, so I'm going to add more pix which may end up above these. Sorry for the confusion!!
Well, even though things got out of order, I hope you enjoyed seeing a little of my Christmas decorating this year. I always love to see what others do and many times get some great ideas for my own home.
Merry Christmas!


  1. Hi Linda..........I so enjoyed seeing all of your decorations, and that tree is so full and pretty. I need to find some more bottle brush trees. Looks like you did get a good amount of snow, makes a beautiful background for you photos.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. I think everything looks lovely.
    I especially like the garland over the wooden bowls.
    Have a Merry Christmas

  3. I have so enjoyed your decorating photos and I love the pears that you and your daughter made together. Merry Christmas

  4. Linda - Thanks so much for sharing Christmas pictures from your home - your tree is so lovely and natural looking - very understated! Everything is delightful!

  5. Ooooooh... your home is decorated so beautifully!!! Love that little snowman and all the greenery you used.... and the grapevine balls... and the sled.... and... LOL! Your welcome to visit my home next year and help me decorate!!! Have a very, merry Christmas!!!

  6. Thank you all so much for your comments! It is fun to see how others decorate their homes anytime, but especially at Christmas.

    Have a blessed Merry Christmas!!!

  7. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful photos of your home...oooh those candy them too...they just make me smile...


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