Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fun In The Snow

We in the Midwest are into our third day of snow! We had had several inches fall about four days before Christmas and then for three days before Christmas, we had warmer weather and rain. We had so much rain that there was flooding all around, and Christmas Day began as gloomy and wet. Then around noon on Christmas it started snowing again and it has been snowing ever since! This is the front of our house, and the picture below is of the back.

I don't exactly know what happened with the above picture, but the flash on the camera may have illuminated some snowflakes, because it looks like magical lights falling from the sky!!

This is Jess' favorite perch. She sits here several times each day and surveys her back yard to make sure there are no intruders encroaching. She watches the birds on the feeders and occasionally barks at the kittens playing. She also watches for my husband to back the car out of the barn when she is going for her walk and sits whining until she sees him drive around to the front of the house. Then she jumps down and runs to the front door!

She LOVES to play in the snow and would stay out there for hours in the cold, but we bring her in to warm her feet. Maybe she needs some doggy boots.

Her whiskers got all icy and frosty, but she didn't want to come into the house just yet.

She still had some running and playing to do. We finally picked her up and bodily carried her into the house to warm up. She then took her nap and rested up for more play in the snow. We need to teach her to toboggan down the hill!!

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  1. The illuminated snowflakes are so pretty.
    Jess is having a ball in the snow, just like my Bubba.
    We didn't get as much as a you did. Maybe 3 inches but alot of blowing and drifting.


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