Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Surprise in the Mail!

Don't you just LOVE surprises? My mailbox contained a HUGE surprise today, and here is a picture of the beautiful gift that I received from Lauren at Rugs and Pugs. She made this beautifully done punch needle version of the free pattern that I offered in my July 20, 2009, post. Thank you so much, Lauren! I will treasure this and your kindness, as well! My husband saw this when he got home from work and asked where the "rug" came from. I told him and he commented, "Her colors look good, don't they?" My husband NEVER comments on colors and things like that, Lauren, so you made a huge impression on him, too!

I had a very hectic day today and am really tired, so this post won't be long. I carried my grandson, Kale, through the mall this afternoon (yes, next time I will bring a stroller!) He weighs over 20 lbs., so my arms actually went numb before I made it back to my car. Twenty-plus pounds of wriggling baby seems much heavier!! What was I thinking????

Thanks again, Lauren!


  1. What a sweet gift...and the colors are wonderful...so subtle and prim....a great reminder about your pattern...am going to get busy punching one too!

  2. I love the needle punch! She did a great job!

  3. That is a great gift Linda. I bet you were thrilled. It's awlays so much fun to get a suprise in the mail.


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