Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fabulous Fall!

I have some of my Autumn decorations up now, but I want to do more. For some reason, I'm a little tired of some of my stuff, and I'm in the mood to do something different. This grass garland has been part of my Fall decorations for several years, and I have never gotten bored with it. It is simple, but adds a lot to the wooden bowls, I think! I know of some people who completely take all their regular accessories out of their rooms and replace them with seasonal stuff, but I like to add seasonal things to what I have.
This pumpkin head doll was a must have from about 6 years ago. I love her wide, toothy grin! Her kitty has the same great smile.

The pumpkin is one that my daughter and I created together. It is rather large at 18" tall and has been stuffed with fabric pieces so that it is also heavy. We then hand painted the fabric and antiqued it. The faux bittersweet vine is just tossed over it for a little flair. I love projects!
I have a couple of other projects going on right now, so hope to post pictures soon! Have a great week, and I hope your weather today is as wonderful as it is here!

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  1. Linda ~
    Like I mentioned before, I'm a sucker for wooden bowls and love how you've displayed your trio.
    Your pumpkin rug is the perfect companion to your fall decorations.
    The weather in northern Ohio this weekend was fabulous!!!
    Pug hugs :)


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