Saturday, July 4, 2009


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA! I truly hope you have many, many more...but that may not be a certainty anymore. With the attacks on the Constitution coming from the left leaning politicians in OUR OWN government, who knows how long our freedoms and liberty will endure. I actually have seen a glimmer of hope recently, when some of the White House Press Corp. (Helen Thomas, a liberal) have posed some tough questions to Press Secretary Gibbs. It was so heartening to hear her DEMAND an answer to a question when the giggling Gibbs tried to laugh and joke his way out of answering. It is about time that some of the main stream media DEMAND answers from this administration about the way the economy is still failing and the stimulus money is being wasted or simply not applied. Barack Obama is not above the rule of law or the requirements of the Constitution, and it is about time someone held his feet to the fire about the way he is circumventing our Constitution. His tactic of appointing czars for every perceived need is his way of avoiding the safety feature of "accountability" as set forth in the Constitution. His czars are required to report only to the President. He sets their salary, and they have to answer to no one but him. How's that for transparency?! Where are the checks and balances in that tidy little arrangement?

Meanwhile, the push for Cap and Trade and nationalized health care rushes forward. Both of these bills, if approved, will destroy our economy. The limitations put upon businesses by the emissions caps and the carbon credits scheme will eliminate the possibility of fiscal success by American businesses. It will also have the added effect of raising the cost of EVERY SINGLE THING PRODUCED, BOUGHT, SOLD, SERVICED, SHIPPED,ETC. in America. Our standard of living will plummet! I'm sure you've heard about the requirement buried in the fine print of this scheme whereby, when you go to sell your home someday, there will be a government appointed inspector who will examine the energy efficiency of your home (window leaks, insulation in walls and ceilings, old appliances which use more electricity, and efficiency of your furnace and air conditioner, etc.). If the inspector finds your home to be deficient in any area, you must (at your own expense) repair or replace those items before you ARE ALLOWED to sell your home! Talk about BIG BROTHER! Please contact your Senators and plead with them to vote "no"on these these two pieces of legislation.
I've already contacted mine, but they are both liberal and likely to vote for these horrific bills. Every Congressman should be REQUIRED by law to read every sentence and every word of a bill before they are allowed to vote on its passage. The practice of voting into law legislation without having studied every possible consequence for American citizens is just reprehensible. Legislators should be ashamed to admit to (much less joke about) not reading a bill that they just voted to adopt into law. Ridiculous.

The above picture is one of the early rugs that I hooked, and measures 7" x 11 1/2", and is hooked using all #8 cut, hand dyed wool.

The above picture of a picture is one that is in my studio. I love the folk art print, bought locally several years ago. Please excuse the awkward angle of the shot, but I was trying to avoid camera flash reflection in the glass!

I hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July and a great weekend!


  1. Linda ~
    Very well put ~ as always! You are a gifted writer.
    I do hope you and your family had a very happy holiday. Mine was spent with family and friends and the evening was capped with a gorgeous fireworks display.
    I have the same print in my hookin' room, but I like the way yours is framed better. If you check out the blog I did on my room, you can see it.
    Pug hugs :)
    P.S. How's Jess doing?

  2. Hi Lauren! I still can't post a comment on your blog for some reason. I can post on some blogs but not others--no rhyme or reason...aaarrrgggghhhh!! Anyway, I look at your blog every day and I did see your print. Isn't that a funny coincidence? Your room looks waaaay more orderly than mine, though!

    Jess is doing great. She has learned to sit, lie down and we are working on "shake." She has only had two "potty" accidents in the past 4 days, so I think she is connecting with the idea of "potty outside." She has a ton of energy, though, so we are all pretty much worn out by 9:00. She sleeps really well in her crate in our bedroom (for which I am very grateful!!) I will post some pix soon. I LOVED your rug from Bonnie Stahl, BTW. I am so in the mood to do a rug, but things are very hectic right now. I have two started. Your trip looked like it was a lot of fun. Well, one of these days, I hope to be able to post comments on your blog. I do see it daily, though. Talk to you soon, Lauren.

  3. I appreciate the political information you share with us. These are things we may not know otherwise.
    Love the primitive print.
    I have a large rug about finished, a pattern by my sister Linda Brannock. Than I am on to a Polly Minick flag with the Pledge of Allegiance on it. Love it so much.
    New puppy is so cute.
    I always read to see what you are up to .

  4. Hi, Katie, Thank you for your kind words and I'm so glad you enjoy the blog. I know that some do not enjoy the political commentary, but I feel a responsibility to speak out about the events which are so radically changing our country right now. If no one speaks up, then the change will continue at the current pace. If lots of people voice their concerns, then perhaps some of the loss of freedoms can be prevented. That is my prayer, anyway. I LOVE Linda Brannock's designs - she is very talented. I hope to see your rugs when you get them finished.

  5. Hi Linda - my husband says the public is "asleep" and that we are just being taken over and that when all our civil liberties are gone and it's too late - they will all be crying and whining. I agree that it is important for people to speak out before it is too late. Melody

  6. Hi, Melody! I agree with your husband that many people are asleep, and some just excuse everything he is doing because they like him personally. He has a nice flashy smile, a pretty wife, and his kids are cute. He couldn't be that bad, could he? Most of the asleep people probably don't know one single thing that President Obama has done since he got into office, except that he takes his wife out on "date nights" and that he likes to play basketball. Remember the Jay Leno "Jay Walking" segments when they would show everyday people on the street pictures of Dick Cheney and ask them who he was? Lots of people didn't have a clue who the Vice President was! They didn't even recognize his name! Maybe we do need some kind of competency test before being given the privilege of voting! The importance of the vote and its responsibility to be informed seems lost on a lot of people...thus we have the current administration in power!


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