Monday, June 29, 2009

Puppy Love...

This is Mikki. Our family adopted Mikki in 1992, and she was THE cutest puppy I had ever seen. She was part of our family for 16 years. She loved to ride in the car and play outside. She used to enjoy leaping off any item of furniture into my daughter's arms, and she would do that over and over as long as my daughter's arms held up to the strain! Mikki was the perfect little fun member of our family until last summer when she passed away at age 16. We still miss her. Just the past few months we have finally felt like seeking out another little four legged family member, and this weekend we found.....
Jess! We adopted Jess from a shelter, after finding her on a pet finder website. She had been dumped (hard to imagine that, isn't it?) and needed a forever family. Since no one is quite sure of her breed or age, we are left to guessing. We think she is part Pomeranian and part terrier (possibly Jack Russell). After researching mixed breeds online, we found a picture of a "Jack-aranian," and she looked exactly like the pictures. Her age is estimated at 11 - 12 weeks. We got her Saturday, and she is the sweetest little thing...literally! She only weighs 7 lbs. and is smaller than most of the cats! Olivia and Allison just loved her and cried when they finally had to go home Saturday night. They didn't want to leave her.

She is a bundle of energy, so "grandpa" and "grandma" are feeling their age as we struggle to keep up with this tiny bolt of lightening! She is getting along pretty well with the cats (a few hisses here and barks there) and is now attempting to learn "potty" manners...yikes. This could take a while! Anyway. We are having fun and will maybe lose a pound or two (one can only hope!) Jess looks a lot like a very miniature white-tailed deer, as you can see from the pictures, and yes, we did consider the name "Bambi!"
My rug hooking may be in serious jeopardy for the new few months!


  1. Oh those ears....I love those ears...When our German shep/huskie was young she had to grow into the ears we would say..
    Oh when we got our Golden Retriever we felt EXACTLY like you do...I was NOT use to a toddler in the house. I was looking for a home for him after two weeks but realized I wouldn't do that to my own children and I do believe when you bring in a dog it is for the life of your dog...Now I wouldn't part with him because he fills our home with joy and excitment...enjoy enjoy and I am so happy for you...Good luck on the potty training but once it clicks, it clicks...He is adorable and those ears are precious...Lisa

  2. Jess is so cute. How much fun and love he is going to bring to you!! I am sure the kitties will put him in his place if he oversteps his bounds!! Good luck.

  3. Linda ~
    Jess is an absolute doll and so tiny!!! I'm sure you (and the grandkids) already love her to pieces. I just love to hear when someone rescues an animal. I picked up a new foster yesterday, and she is just too sweet. Good luck with the potty training ;-) I look forward to seeing many more pictures of her.
    What a precious picture you posted of your granddaughter on the sidebar. I love the eyes. Beautiful babies.

  4. Thanks, everyone. Jess is getting used to being here now and she has thrown off any reserve she had...and how! She is showing her stubborn side now and is testing our resolve to train her. I hope we can hold up under the demands of a very active puppy. I'm honestly a little overwhelmed at the moment. Today was rather trying in the house-breaking department. On the bright side, she did learn to sit on command the very first day. We have a window hummingbird feeder in our LR, and Jess is so intense when she watches the little hummers. It is very cute. I think I'm going to bed very early tonight!

  5. Jess is just as adorable as can lucky you found her and are giving her a forever home...looking forward to seeing her grow up...

  6. What a cute new puppy! I know there is an art to training a dog to behave properly - since you have lots of experience, I know Jess will have good manners in NO time!

    BTW - I've started a blog myself - stop by for a visit some time!

  7. I am sorry for your loss; we have just suffered a great loss as well and I know that someday we may be ready for a new fur kid. I am so happy for you and for your new baby; this little doll sure lucked out in coming to such a loving home. What a sweet baby!!! Love that face! Merrie


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