Sunday, April 5, 2009

Will America Ever Be the Same?

It is a dreary rainy Sunday afternoon here. Hope you have sunshine where you are. I've been concerned about the turn we have taken in our country, and I feel that I need to speak up. I'm pretty much a news "junkie" and watch several different news channels and listen to talk radio and read quite a few bloggers and columnists each week. I don't know about you, but I do wonder if America will ever again be as we have known it. If you or I got foolishly into more debt than we could afford to repay, would anyone advise us to go borrow our way out of trouble? NO!! Why do those in power feel that borrowing trillions is the answer to our problems? When did it become a good idea to encourage those who have little ability or inclination to repay a loan to go to their bank and borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase a home? Why do some believe that the Federal Government is wiser than business people when it comes to handling business matters? Government has been unable (unwilling might be a better word to use here) to stay on top of its own spending and borrowing for decades, but now those in power have taken control of PRIVATE businesses and will probably never return control. It is now being reported that some banks have tried to return the TARP money that they received (which was the way it was SUPPOSED to work) and the President is refusing--refusing to accept the returned money (with interest.) What could possibly be the reason for doing this but to keep control of the banks involved. This policy is so wrong on so many levels. Socializing business, banking, and health care will do nothing but harm Americans and marginalize our freedoms and lower our quality of life. I also resent that our President went overseas to speak to the citizens of other countries and criticized his own citizens-calling us arrogant, derisive, and worse! If he feels that way, then tell the American people, not the French! I'm sorry to get up on my soapbox today, but sometimes it is necessary to speak out against government policies which are potentially harmful to America. It is not my aim to offend anyone. I'm simply stating my opinion, and you are certainly free to disagree. I just hope everyone gets involved and holds those whom we elect responsible for the decisions that they make with regard to our freedoms and quality of life. I've already contacted my representatives in Washington to let them know what I think, and I hope that lots of other people do the same. If we don't speak up, then we may find one day that we have lost the right to speak up. I never thought that that would be a possibility in America, but I fear that it is now a very real possibility. I promise to get down off the least for now :0) This rug is one of my own designs from a few years back. It is #8 cut hand dyed and as found wools on linen, and measures 13" x 9 1/2". I like the folk art look. The rug is embellished with a star button and a bead eye on the crow. Have a great week, and God Bless America.


  1. Hi Linda!
    I stumbled onto your blog, and you have said exactly what I've been feeling about our country lately. I think our state rep knows our names by heart by now.
    Everyone needs to get proactive because just sitting around thinking it's going to better on it's own just isn't going to happen.

    I love your crow! I do punch needle and have supplies to start hooking, but just haven't gotten the courage to start it yet. haha!
    Take care,


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