Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Trip to the Antique Mall Today

I hadn't been to the antique mall for quite a while, so I decided today to take a couple of hours and have fun looking. You know how it goes with window shopping, you always find a bargain or something that you just can't pass up. Well, meet my new sugar jar!! The glass is very heavy and has some scratches, but that is the way I like antiques - worn. I'm not sure that the lid is original (I rather doubt it) but I love the look. I just have to decide what to put into the jar. I guess there is always SUGAR. I have so many collections, that I've decided to limit some of them to items "already in my possession." I have quite a few hog scraper candlesticks, and lots of old baskets. I also have pewter, yellow ware, wooden boxes, large wooden bowls, apothecary jars, printers letters, and pantry boxes. Whew! The wooden bowl in the picture is filled with one of my favorite things. Stein fruit and vegetables are so fun. They are very well made, stuffed tightly, and antiqued nicely...my personal favorite are the pea pods!! My granddaughters love playing with the fruit when they come to visit. We have lived in our home for 28 years, and I have NEVER re-arranged the furniture. It just seems right the way it is, but I move my accent items around all the time. I also move pictures and other items on my walls to new locations often.

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  1. Linda, Cool sugar jar. I saw a couple at an auction last year, but they both went for over $100.00 - WAY out of my budget. Why can I always pick the most expensive thing out? I'm sure you will find a good use for it. ~Ann


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