Thursday, March 19, 2009

One Pattern - Two Rugs!!

This is an older pattern of mine from about six years ago. It's pretty simple, but I like the way the rug looks. The colors are pleasing and I am happy with the way it turned out. My daughter, Rachel, had never done any rug hooking, but one week when she was home from college, she decided to try it. I drew the pattern out for her and gathered all the wool, hook, and frame and sent it back to Alabama (Auburn University) with her. She is amazingly quick at learning things, and had the rug finished (except for hemming) in short order! She brought it the next trip home and I hemmed it for her. I was pleasantly surprised at how well she had done! It looked REALLY nice and it was her first rug!! Even though she liked making the rug, she has never again expressed a desire to hook another. It was the same as with the Ohio Star wall quilt she had made for me (see older post). She never quilted again, either. I'm happy that she tried it, and who knows, maybe at some point later in her life she will take up rug hooking (or quilting) again. The rugs are embellished with wool roving tails, bead eyes and buttons on the collars. They measure 14 1/2" x 9 1/2". Can you guess which rug is mine and which is Rachel's? (Mine is the top picture.)


  1. I love the borders on each rug.

  2. Linda, Love the bunny. In our last house I had a Warren Kimble bunny border in the kitchen. They are just a great folk art animal. Glad that your daughter tried her hand at rug hooking. Maybe she'll come back to it again in the future. I wish my daughter would like to do crafty things. She's a great reader and athlete but doesn't like/have the patience for sitting and stitching. Hopefully at age 14 there's time for her too. Have a great weekend. ~Ann

  3. Both Rugs are beautiful Linda!!! Your daughter might surprise you and herself and take up Rug Hooking in the future.

    Hope you had a great spring weekend. The weather was beautiful here. I am so thankful!


    ps thanks for the kind words about my horse. :0)

  4. It's hard for me to believe that your daughter can be SO good at something she doesn't really care for - she's really talented!


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