Monday, March 2, 2009

My White Wool Cupboard

In my studio, there are three cupboards which contain wool and other rug hooking necessities. This particular cupboard is tall (about 6' 7") and has old white chippy paint. I bought it several years ago in one of my favorite antique stores. It holds a lot of wool (I have added quite a bit more wool since this photo was taken), some rug hooking magazines and books. On the door hangs a wonderful, very large rustic wreath. I have also decorated the outside with quite a few of my smaller hooked rugs (mats). Most of them are 5" x 7", but a few are larger. I love the combination of hooked rugs and antiques. My studio goes through periods of complete clutter and disorder, but occasionally, you can actually walk through the small room without tripping over some pile of something or other! Right now it is leaning more toward the clutter stage! One of my projects this spring is to try to organize and streamline this room. I'm almost afraid to start because I know I will uncover lots of "stuff" that will end up with no orderly place to go! I am in serious need of having a garage sale. I love to look at work spaces on some of those home decorating shows on television. It would be great to have one of those studios where nothing is out of place and everything is in neatly lined-up baskets or drawers. Martha Stewart always has THAT type of work neatly hidden behind painted cupboard doors and everything stored somewhere out of sight. I wonder if my studio were nice and neat, would I have more time to hook rugs, or would orderly mean more cleaning time required to keep it that way??? Hmmm, I wonder....


  1. I just randomly found your blog and I just have to say the heart and birds in the posts below this one are awesome! I wish I was as talented as you! I guess I will just stick to making crafts with my 2 year old. Hah.

  2. Just found your blog this morning through google alerts. Your studio looks great and all those rugs hanging on the white cabinet are awesome. I too am a rug hooker just over a year, finally late in life found my passion.

    katie from

  3. I love the way you displayed the mats. I'm a new hooker and I was afraid I'd have every flat surface covered with one. Nice alternative til I get up my courage to make a larger rug. Mary


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