Sunday, March 1, 2009

Folk Art Fraktur Birds

It's a beautiful sunny day here in Illinois. Cold....but beautiful. I can't wait for Spring. I've been going through all the nursery catalogs that have been coming in the mail and drooling over all the flowers and shrubs. Our house sits on 7 acres, four of which are alfalfa and the rest is grass and trees. When we built our house 28 years ago, there were no trees here. We started with a few Pin Oaks and Purple Ash trees and have now planted over 100 trees! We also have planted lots of flowering shrubs and other plants...everything from red twig dogwoods, hydrangeas, Rose of Sharon, honeysuckle and bittersweet, to cone flowers, viburnum, and grasses. I can always find a spot that needs a plant, though, so I don't think we're finished just yet! This rug is one of my earlier designs. It measures 14" x 15" and is a little more folk art inspired than my more recent rugs. Hope you have a great Sunday!


  1. Linda, that is a great rug design, good for you designing your own.
    Your property sounds wonderful with all the trees, you must have lots of birds who appreciate your efforts.
    I live in Missouri so not to far away.

  2. Linda!
    Hi!! It is sooo wonderful that you are blogging! I LOVE this rug! You have such a classic style. I enjoy your pieces so very much!

    Hope you had a warm day today. 40's here!!

    I LOVE to garden as well. We are planning on putting some Lilacs in this spring. I am sooo excited!



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