Sunday, March 15, 2009

Antiques - Another Passion!

These are two of my favorite antiques. The ash cupboard came from my husband's grandfather's farm. His grandfather, who came here from Germany in the 1860's, was born in 1850 and was 63 years old when my husband's father was born! The cupboard was in our garage for years when we were first married. It had been painted an old mustard color which I liked, but someone in the past had started to strip the paint, so we had no choice but to finish it. It is filled with old apothecary jars and other treasures. The redware on the top is part of a collection (not antique). I love the large plate on the left. It measures 15" across and was one of those "I MUST buy it" items! The antique bucket bench is one of my treasures! When I saw it, I knew exactly where I would put it and what I would be putting on the shelves! It fits PERFECTLY between the wall and the beginning of the brick. It was meant to be!!! The white sugar bucket on the middle shelf (right side) was a bargain discovered at a garage sale. It has traces of old white paint and is in great shape. My granddaughters like to play with the two little red chairs in front of the bench. My "Antique Sheep" hooked rug looks just perfect above it, I think! I hope you are having a great Sunday. The weather has been beautiful today...sunny and WARM. I now have a serious case of Spring Fever.


  1. Linda, I see my chair's twin! Your bucket bench is wonderful. I too like old crocks and baskets. I weave my own baskets, but love to collect antique ones. Your sheep rug looks great above the collection. My favorite sheep have black legs and black faces - just like yours. Have a great week. ~Ann

  2. Linda - You have some real treasures there! And you've displayed them all so nicely. Your home is lovely and I can't wait for you to share more pictures!


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