Thursday, March 26, 2009

Antiques and Their Mysteries!

This is my coffee table! (Sorry my pictures aren't clearer.) It is an old immigrant trunk from (we think) mid to late 1800's. The writing on one end is the passenger's name and tells from where he was sailing ("Liverpohl") and what his destination was ("LaSalle, Illinois, Nort Amerika"). I would love to know the story of "Gulfur A. Vreden". I've tried to find information online, but I don't know exactly where to look. It is probably a similar story as my husband's family's journey to America. They came from Ostfriesland, Germany around 1863. His grandfather was a blacksmith and settled in Woodford County, Illinois. Through hard work and thrifty living, he was able to purchase farm land and prospered in his new country. I would love to know what country "our immigrant" came from. I'm guessing Germany, but we aren't sure. We've had the trunk for about 17 years, and it is now filled with pictures, country magazines, and a few seasonal decorations. I really need to go through it and purge some of the stuff in it. I wonder what necessities of life that it brought here for Mr. Vreden years ago...perhaps pictures, china, clothing, Bibles, family treasures? It's interesting to think about whose lives this trunk may have touched since sailing here to America...what the trunk may have been used for...what has been stored inside. I will probably never know much about the original owner, but it is enjoyable to have antiques around the house, especially when they come with a little mystery. Have a great day.


  1. What a neat treasure!! Just wondering about what all the antiques have gone through and the lives of their owners makes them so special. I also have an old blanket chest that has some unusual markings on it.It smells so much of moth balls inside that I can't use it for storage. Thanks for sharing. ~Melissa~

  2. I use an old trunk for my coffee table too, but it's not nearly as cool as yours!

  3. Linda, Your trunk is very neat. What a great use for it too. Think if Mr. Verden could visit it today! I'm sure that he would be glad that someone is taking care of it. Have a great weekend. ~Ann


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