Sunday, February 22, 2009

Antique Sheep Rug

This is one of my own designs from about two years ago, and is possibly my favorite rug because the colors turned out to be so close to what I was hoping for. Choosing wool colors is probably the most challenging part of rug hooking for me, and the thing I spend the most time doing for each rug. Some of the wool is hand dyed and some is as found. The rug measures 13" x 17".
Antique Sheep hangs in my living room above an antique bucket bench filled with crocks, sugar buckets, and old baskets.

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  1. another great rug, Love the colors.
    Your blog is looking great.
    We have a big wool store in my town, you can see her at and from there you can find my blog under customer reviews. I use my blog to keep hookers up to date about the latest at the shop


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