Monday, October 14, 2013

New Wool Storage!

I was given this hanging cupboard FREE!!  The dark red paint was not going to work in my wool room, so I decided to give it a coat (which turned out to be three coats) of paint.  This was really a challenge to paint because of the wainscot in  the back.  Those grooves just did not want to be painted!  I NEED a paint sprayer....sigh.

I finally got it all painted and dry (after three days) and hung it yesterday afternoon.  It is VERY heavy, so DH had to be involved.  Anyway, it isn't perfect, but it makes a great shelf for my neutral background wools and lights.  A little creative planning and I may be able to add more wool!

Now I need to re-hang eight hooked rugs which were previously displayed in this space!  Yikes, not sure where they will all go at this point!  I'm either going to have to sell rugs or quit hooking since I'm out of space.  I counted one day and I have 38 hooked rugs, plus pillows and 3D hooked items!

One thing always leads to another, so I also straightened this cupboard......

AND this cupboard.  Whew!  I was worn out.

 Another thing I realized is that I have waaaaaay too much wool.  Years ago I made and sold kits, so in some cases I purchased several yards of specific wool used in the kits.  When my grandchildren came along, I gave up the kit making and began babysitting, which took very little wool!  I may need to have a blog garage sale with the extra wool I have accumulated.  I have about 15 yards of wool stacked up right now (not shown in the pictures) that I need to just seems wrong somehow to sell it, but I know that I will never use this much!  We'll see :0)

Hope you have a great week!
Hugs, Linda


  1. I am drooling at all the wool! I love the new shelf!

  2. It looks wonderful all organized.

  3. Yummmmm - oh my it looks so wonderful.
    Great cupboards for organizing. And yes, the white does make the wools pop!

  4. Hi Linda,
    I LOVE your wool cupboards! The neutrals look so lovely in the newly painted one! I know how difficult it is to part with any wool but it does take up a lot of room so selling some may be a great idea! Besides you know how we always want some new ones when they come out!
    Enjoy playing with all the wool and rugs! Can't think of anything more relaxing!
    Cathy G

  5. Wow Linda - Your wool all looks so neat and tidy - great storage solutions you have! Since my wool is mostly recycled clothing it doesn't fold uniformly and therefor doesn't stack very nicely and doesn't look anything like yours. You've done a great job of displaying it and I imagine seeing it all like that lends itself to inspiration!

  6. Wow what a difference a little paint can the new cupboard :)

  7. All your wool looks lovely. Folded and stacked in your shelves.

  8. Oh how I wish I was as organized as you. Love the cupboard and if you ever do want to sell any of you wool....please let me know. I would gladly take it all off your hands ! I have been gone from blogland but am making a comeback since I am finally feeling a bit better. Shoot me an email at

    Grace to you,


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