Friday, June 28, 2013

Giveaway Winners and Visitors!

This cute little baby ground squirrel was a rather noisy visitor to our yard this week!  He/she had wandered out of the den (basically an underground tunnel) and was squeaking with all his might to call his Mom.  We left him/her alone after taking these adorable pictures.  What a tiny little bundle of cuteness!!  Aren't you cheered up just by looking at that little smiling face...yes, that is a smile...I'm convinced it is a smile!

Notice that his head is the same size as his body!  Too cute!  He is very tiny.

Also, a very familiar face around here was looking very cute, a little over a  year after his brush with death.  Graybee was seeking breakfast and some attention.  His summertime schedule results in several day stretches away from home.  He always comes back, though.  He is a true free spirit!  (We know for a fact that a favorite spot to visit for Graybee is our neighbor who has gotten attached to him, too.  He has so much personality.  Here is Graybee this morning:

Now to the winners!  Karen, from My Colonial Home, has won the Threads That Bind pattern; 
Carol, of Ticklepie, has won the Skrappysack pattern;  and Annie of Scrappalachia, will be receiving a pattern as well, so ladies, please email me your mailing addresses and your patterns will be on their way.  Thank you so much for participating and for following this blog!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hi Linda,
    Thanks so much for having this wonderful giveaway...I haven't been home much since Thursday and haven't been on the blogs so didn't see this right away...
    THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH I am honored to have won.
    I will send an e-mail immediately.


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