Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I Changed My Mind!

I posted in the past about choosing this geometric as my next rug project and had ordered it from Pine Island Primitives.  I love the pattern and was eagerly anticipating its arrival in the mail....but.....I kept looking at Sally Kallin's website and had a niggling feeling (is that a word?) that I really wanted to do one of her other rugs more...

I really am smitten with the very primitive look of this Turkey Oak rug and have wanted to hook a primitive rug in wide cut wool, SOOOOOO, I emailed Sally and asked her if it would be possible to switch my order to this rug.  She said "sure!"   So now, I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of this rug to be my next big project.  Can't wait!

A  morning visit to my favorite antiques shop resulted in the purchase of a set of bookends that I love!  The whimsical, "folk-art" look spoke to me so I purchased them for $12.

Aren't they cute?

Also, I made a simple arrangement in a small antique basket for my living room....here is the result:

I love how it turned out, and think it adds a "little something" to the antique painted cupboard that I bought several months ago.  Don't you just love the little touches when they turn out so cute?!

Hope you have a great week!
Hugs, Linda


  1. I'm glad you changed your mind - it's no fun to work on a project unless you're absolutely crazy about it. I actually like both of these patterns - maybe you'll do the geometric some other day. Your floral arrangement is lovely - are those silk plants? Or the real thing?

  2. Thank you, Gayle.I still love the geometric rug,too...perhaps I will hook it another time.

    The flowers are"faux" but look pretty real, in person.

  3. Linda ~
    Either rug would be wonderful! I think I'd really struggle with color planning on the geometric though I love the way Sally hooked it.
    Great bookends!
    Hugs :)

  4. Thanks, Lauren...your concern about struggling with so many colors to plan was my worry too. I wanted to hook a much more primitive design for a change.

  5. Love the basket arangment lovely and springy looking.
    Thank-you for the info in the previous post, I am going tolook up a rug hooking book at a craft store.
    No rug hooking classes out in the boonies.
    I love both rug patterns but the turkeys are my fav.
    Have a sweet day.


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