Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Little Rug Progress

I have made a little progress on my very large "Posy Pony" rug.  I may make a couple of changes in a few strips of wool, but overall, I like the primitive look of the horse.  Now to work on the next stage, which is an oval shaped area directly surrounding the horse.  As you can see, there are lots of wavy lines and shapes...deciding on colors this afternoon and hopefully will make some good progress in the next few days.

I did decide to paint the new cupboard that I found at a local antique shop (shown in original cond. below)
The cupboard has been several colors in the past, and the person who painted it this red left quite a bit of white paint showing through the red.  I lived with it for a couple of weeks and the larger areas of white became annoying to me, so I decided to paint it.  My living room is very neutral, and I did like the bit of color that the cupboard added, so I decided to paint it a similar color to the red.
The new color is a little more poppy than the original, which looked terra cotta at different times of the day.  I like the new color and as you can see, the white is no longer prominent.  I did keep the primitive feel by sanding some edges and letting wood show through.  I'm happy with it and it does give some much needed storage space in the room.
My mother's care is taking more and more time, so I have less time for reading blogs, posting and rug hooking.  Alzheimer's is a truly hideous disease.  My mother is forgetting more things every week...including how we are related.  She calls us "sis" frequently and wants to know if we remember going to school with her and places she visited as a child.  We don't try to correct her and try to encourage her to talk about her childhood.    Yesterday was my twin great nieces' first birthday, so we got together at my sister's house (their grandmother) for a birthday party.  Mom came and thoroughly enjoyed playing with the girls.  They are truly adorable and just learning how to take their first steps.  We all had fun!  It was a good day.




  1. Love your rug great color and your painted stand is so pretty just the pop a room needs.
    so sorry about your mother so very hard to be a care taker

  2. Linda ~
    I think your cupboard looks much better!
    The horse looks wonderful! He definitely has an old look about him. I look forward to seeing more progress.
    There is special place in heaven for you. It is so hard dealing with an aging parent and Alzheimer's is especially tragic. God will bless you for being such a special daughter.
    Hugs :)

  3. The rug is coming along nicely! Are you going to keep it neutral or add some color in the surrounding areas? I'm horrible at color planning my rugs.

    I agree, the white areas on the cabinet were a bit much. I like the sanding you did as it looks more 'natural' in the wear and tear.

  4. Hi Linda,

    We are starting to head down the same path with our Mom. It's harder on my sister as they live in the same town and sees the decline daily. I have to provide support via the phone.

    Can't wait to see more of your rug. ~Ann

  5. I love the horse. Your rug is definitely going to look like an antique. I look forward to seeing more and more photos.
    It's heartbreaking to go through this disease with your parent. I sympathize with what you are going through and your love and devotion to your mom is truly touching.

  6. Good morning Linda,
    I love how the horse is coming along...I'm intrigued by the wavy oval behind the horse...I still can not get an oval to look like an is
    I pray for many 'good' days for your mother - we have been told that it is 'good' and 'right' to go along with the person when they are talking about something...if we correct them it only adds to the confusion. Bless you all.
    What a sweet cupboard...looks like it has ample storage space. Perfect size.


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