Monday, March 5, 2012

More finds!

Unexpectedly, I added two more white crockery bowls to my little collection this weekend!  A friend and I stopped into a local antique mall Saturday to search for a glass item that she wanted.  I really had no intention of buying anything, but that is usually when you find something that you can't pass up!  In one booth, I  noticed the pottery and just out of curiosity, looked at the price tags...$6.00 each!  They were the large bowls on the two bottom shelves in the picture and are in great shape.  Since one bowl generally sells for at least twice the total of the two, I HAD to buy them.  I like my collection the size that it is, so I may quit looking...maybe :0)

I also hung my latest rug this weekend and like these three together.  Anyway, I can always re-arrange...a woman's prerogative, right?

We had a small snowstorm yesterday and woke up to a light blanket of the white stuff this morning...UGH.  I'm so ready for warm Spring weather.  We have a few flowers blooming in the back yard, but it has been so windy and cold the past week, I can't even get excited to see the flowers. 

My heart goes out to those families who have lost so much during the tornadoes this week.  So much loss of life and property is so tragic.

Hope you have a great week.


  1. Linda ~
    What a great buy on the bowls. How could you not buy them?
    Very sad about all the tornadoes. My heart breaks for the victims.
    Hugs :)

  2. Love your rugs displayed together! And yes, the devastation left by the tornados is just unbelievable ~ watching the news is heartbreaking for sure.. Makes us know how very lucky we are ~

  3. Great find! My heart is so heavy for those who have lost so much.

  4. Linda, WOW were you lucky - what great deals you got on those bowls.

    I Love your cat rugs. ~Ann

  5. Wow what a deal on the pottery...looks great with your baskets. Love the kitty rug with the sunflower...the three make a wonderful display all hung together. Robyn


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