Monday, August 8, 2011

My Newest Rug is finished

Here is a picture of the rug I just completed (except for binding) yesterday.  This is, of course, a Kelley Belfast design from her most current booklet.  I love her designs, and  this was so much fun to hook.  I enlarged this punchneedle pattern to 15" X 21".  The wools are both hand dyed and as found.  I may need to take another picture in brighter daylight.  The colors are not displaying accurately, esp. the sunflower colors. 

I've begun a new Christmas design and hope to finish it fairly quickly since it is quite a bit smaller than the sunflower one above.  Hope to have more pictures soon.   I hope everyone has a great week!  Linda   


  1. What a wonderful rug! You do great work!!

  2. Linda ~
    I absolutely LOVE your rug!!! Your colors are just perfect. I'm glad you are happy with this one.
    Please share a pic of your Christmas rug. I enjoy seeing works in progress!
    Pug hugs :)

  3. Thank you, Debra!

    Thanks, Lauren! I will post pictures asap. I loved your pumpkin punchneedle, btw.

  4. Linda - This is a cute rug - doesn't it feel good to get one all finished?

    BTW - can you check your blog settings? I don't get an email to notify me when you leave a comment on my blog, but I sure don't want you to think that I'm ignoring you when you do!

  5. Hi, Gayle! Yes it does feel good to get one finished, and now I want to get on to the next project!

    I'm not sure which settings to check on the blog. My computer/blog experience is pretty basic! What should I look for in the settings that would block your getting an email when I leave a comment? Hope I'm not displaying complete ignorance here ;0)

  6. Linda, LOVE your newly finished rug. Wish you could make the trip to Sauder Village next week. If you change your mind, by chance, email me and let me know you are coming! ~Ann

  7. I would love to come Ann, but it will be impossible this year. Have fun...I'm jealous!


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