Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Wool Pin! Love it!

My friend Julie mentioned to me at rug hooking last week that she had seen pins using wool spirals. My curiosity about how they would look took over and I decided to make one this week. I used hand dyed wools and LOVE the way the pin turned out. I've been smitten with this idea and want to make more in different colors and petal shapes. I hope you like it. The colors are so much more primitive in person.

HAPPY SPRING!!!!! It seemed as if it would never arrive, but the weather has been beautiful this week with lots of sunshine and warmer temps (50's mostly and a few low 60's.) The grass is already green :0) Jess has been playing outside more and just can't wait to go for her long walk every day. We have stumbled upon the answer to our mystery about Jess' breed mix. We logged onto Petfinder and saw a picture from the same shelter from where we adopted Jess last year. The picture was of another dog who had been happily adopted and she was the "spitting image" of Jess!! We read the information, and they described the dog as a Basenji mix. We googled Basenji and voila there was Jess in every picture! At last we now know that she is a Basenji/terrier combination. She has many of the Basenji traits such as being very affectionate and playful. She doesn't bark much, but "yodels" when she is excited about something outside the window!
Hope your day makes you SMILE!!!!


  1. Jess is growing up fast. He looks so happy to be outside in the green grass.
    Today in Missouri we are getting snow, about 3 inches so far.
    I love the wool flower, very clever.

  2. Jesse is such a cute pup! Looks like she's full of springtime energy! LOVE that wool pin!!!! Browns are my favorite!

  3. LOVE your wool flower Linda! I can't wait to see them made in different colors, so don't forget to share!

  4. Linda ~
    I'm not a pin wearer, but your pin is very sweet.
    Jess looks adorable and my how she has grown!
    We've had some beautiful weather on Ohio's north coast and I've gotten about 3/4 of the garden clean-up done. That feels good! Today was sunny but too cold to do much outside and it's downhill the next few days. Oh well, at least we know it's officially spring.
    Pug hugs :)

  5. Love your wool pin! Looks like your spring day was beautiful. It snowed on our first day of spring. Sunshine is out today and melting it away. Looks like Jesse is having a great time.

  6. Love your pin - i can see it in so many colors! Jesse is adorable

  7. The pin is so nice and I love those colors!


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