Thursday, March 4, 2010


F**I**N**A**L**L**Y!!! I am so thrilled to have finally finished hooking this rug. I don't know why, but I became really bogged down during the work on this project. It seems that life got really hectic, the holidays were in the middle of it, and things just seemed to drag along so slowly...not sure why. It turned out a little different from my "mind's eye" version, but for the most part, I'm happy with it. I don't think it looks quite as primitive as my vision for it. It measures 16 1/2" X 21" and is hooked in #8 cut. I used both hand dyed and as found wools. The only thing left to do is to finish the hemming.

This next picture is something that I saw somewhere (several years ago), and I had one of those "I can make that!" moments. I did come home and draw up my own version and made one for myself. It is a cover for my Puritan frame, and is one of my hooking "necessities." The fabric that I used was a commercially created "quilt-pieced" design. Since I sandwiched some coordinating quilted fabric on the back before binding the edges with bias tape, it is great for protecting my frame as well as my hands and other surfaces that accidentally come into contact with the needle sharp carding strips on my frame.

I made the bias binding ends long enough to wrap once around the legs of the frame and tie securely. It is really one of the most useful accessories that I own! I've decided to make this a free pattern in honor of this, my 100th post!! It also coincides with my one year blogging anniversary. So... is my "really primitive" hand drawn pattern. I've included the measurements that I used on mine, but you can change dimensions, of course, to fit your particular frame. The binding is attached to all the edges with the longer tie-ends fitting in each "c" curve fitting around the legs. I hope that is clear. If you need further information, please don't hesitate to email me. If you do decide to make one, please send me a picture of your creation. I would LOVE to see what you do with it. Thank you!

Now I come to the 100th Post/One Year Anniversary Giveaway!!! Another of the great tools that I have found....

HOOKS!! These were found at a local quilt shop, and I have no idea what the "official" name of these are. They were sold in packages of one dozen and are absolutely wonderful for hanging small to medium rugs. I've never tried to use them to hang a really large rug (only because I have never hooked a really large rug!) You just slide the two sharp prongs under (or into) the hem binding on the back of your rug and hang. They really do work very well for me. ( The most I've used on one rug is four across the top.) I have a package of 12 to give to one person (plus I'm adding another surprise to be included), so please leave a comment your own words, "I'd really like to have those hooks!!" I will enter your name in my totally random drawing. Good luck, everyone!
On to a serious topic...I'd like to ask everyone to really pray for our country right now. I have a feeling that we are at a crossroad where we will either follow our wonderful Constitution and survive as our wise, wise Founders intended...with our freedoms and liberty intact, or we will take a terrible path that will lead us to a place that none of us want to go. I really feel that we are standing in the shadow of Socialism or worse. The complete lack of consideration of the wishes of the majority of Americans with regard to health care reform by the majority party is stunning and shocking. Even in the face of possible losses in Congress to conservatives, the liberal majority leaders and President Obama seem bent upon forcing this unwanted legislation upon us. I know in my heart that this legislation, if passed, will further destroy our economy and steal our right to make our own very personal decisions about our own health care. This is so very important. We may be witnessing events that will doom our children and grandchildren to decades of crippling debt and a loss of liberties which we have taken for granted our whole lives.
I plan to call again this week to remind my representative and senators to stop the insane runaway spending, and to stop trying to force this terrible legislation upon us against our will. I hope you all will do the same. Our future may depend upon making our wishes known. Please pray for President Obama, Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Reid and all those in positions of power that they will act in accordance with our Constitution and the will of the people.


  1. Linda ~
    Congratulations on post #100. I always enjoy reading your blog.
    Your rug came out great! The colors of the cat and pumpkin are perfect!
    I'd love a chance to win the "hooks". I believe there is a quilt shop in the area and I will have to see if they have any of those {{that is if I don't win :( }} There is a rug I'd like to hang and that would be perfect.
    Once again, you've hit the nail on the head in very clear, concise language. I've yet to come across anyone in favor of the health plan. I hope our leaders will listen to the wishes of the people.
    Once again, congratulations and keep up the good work.
    Pug hugs :)

  2. What an exciting post!!! Love the rug! Thanks so much for the rug hanging tip! I've never seen those hooks before, but I can now see that they are a perfect solution! So yah, I WANT THEM! ;-) Thanks also for the frame cover pattern! I've added it to my list of things I want to do... and will share a pic when I finish one! I'll certainly be praying for the future of this country... my opinions on the health care situation would take up 5 days of blog posts! LOL! Sooooo, let's just say, that I'll be praying... LOTS!

  3. I would love to win your giveaway. Those hooks are genius. So simple yet so effective. Your rug turned out well too. I love the sleepy man-in-the-moon.
    Congrats on 100 posts.

  4. I love the white corn stalk in the rug, great color combinations.
    Love those hooks, what a great way to hang a rug.
    I understand and echo all you said about our Nation.


  5. I love the rug you finished and the hooks you found look perfect to hang rugs with, so I would definitely like to win them. Thanks for the pattern for the frame cover. I hope to make one soon as it is difficult to transport the frame without scratching yourself. I will be praying for our nation as our leaders try to decide what to do on healthcare and other important issues.

  6. Love your rug! Also, love the hooks you found I am sure they would come in handy I have not seen them before. And most definitely I am praying for our nation.

  7. Your rug is delightful, and the hooks look like they would be great for hanging small rugs. I'd love to win them.

    I understand your worries, but I have a sister who is unable to get health insurance because of a preexisting condition. So some of the reforms would help her so. One of the best parts of our country is that we find peaceful ways to resolve different opinions.
    Praying for our leaders to follow the best path to preserving our constitutional rights. Jo

  8. What a delightful rug....the expression on the moons face speaks of peace and contentment, which our nation is in need of. Your unique pins would be put to good use, and there are plenty to share with friends. Thanks for your generous offers. And, peace be with us all. Win

  9. Thank you all for posting and entering the drawing. I will draw the name of the winner this week. Good luck!

    Cotton Eyed Jo ~ It is true that something needs to be done to help those who cannot get insurance because of pre-existing conditions. I also think that it should not be allowed that insurance companies cancel your coverage because you get sick...seems kinda pointless, doesn't it? The fair and equitable solution is there...they just need to stop the political games and find it! I don't feel, however, that it should involve totally changing the way health care is delivered in America. We need to keep all our freedoms.

  10. What a beautiful rug. I just love the moon! I'm sure I could put those wonderful hooks to great use here. Never saw anything like them. Thanks for your generous offer and it goes without saying I am praying for our nation. We are truly at a crossroads here. Thanks again......Cyndi

  11. Hi Linda - So glad that you finally got your rug finished - have you decided what your next project will be? If I make your free pattern I'll have to adjust the measurements since mine is a Purple Crow frame instead of a Puritan - but what a great idea! I'd love to win your hook 'thingys' - they look perfect for hanging small rugs!

  12. Linda, I LOVE your rug. There is something misty about it, almost mysterious.

    I am in favor of the health care reform. I think it is absolutely necessary for the future economic success of our country and I think it is the right thing to do ethically for those who the insurance companies are denying or who do not have coverage for various reasons. In fact I do not think that congress is going far enough and am worried that the reform, if it comes at all, will be too little too late.

  13. Linda, you have such a way with words, and as Lauren said, you are so concise and clear - something I wish I were better at! Kudos to you for loudly voicing your concerns! I think so many people are in a place of feeling like this country is so totally divided right now (which it is) that people fear opening their mouth about anything political!
    There is soooo much going on currently, between isreal, and how our leaders somehow believe it is their place to stick their noses in where they dont belong, and pushing something that will signal the beginning of tribulation.... i am just sick to my stomach. :(
    I am totally against the health reform - and we dont have insurance, and cannot get it! Self employed and pre-existing condition pretty much knocks us out of that ballpark! LOL! I think they need to make health care more affordable, and easier to attain - maybe slap some laws on the insurance industry that will not allow them to discriminate because people have had issues - hello - that's what insurance is for - AND how they sell it!! It's not IF it will happen - but WHEN! So why do they turn it around the way they do? THAT is where our government needs to focus - NOT on forcing a huge reform - with all kinds of caveats included on the people of the united states! The very sad thing is I dont think most people have taken the time to read or research what all is actually trying to be pushed thru with this reform - such as encouraging our elderly to "check out early" because they are just a drag on the american budget!! HELLO??!!!
    And that's just the beginning. I think if people were take this a little more seriously and do their own research on it - NO ONE would be for it - because they are trying to push through the beginnings of a socialist view, with them in control, in the trojan horse disguise of "we want to help everyone". BLEH. Because they assume we are so stupid that we wont be paying attention? This gets my motor running faster than i can keep up!! Our country is in serious trouble if this goes through!! :( Praying like a mad woman!!!

  14. Thank you, Brenis, for your comments. It is always encouraging to hear that so many are praying for our leaders and our country. It does appear that N. Pelosi and President Obama are going to go forward with their enacting of this bill (with or without a vote!!), so we REALLY need to be in prayer. This is just a stepping stone to a single-payer system of health care, and has been the plan all along. The end result, of course, will be the destruction of the private insurance industry and an INCREASE in the cost while rationing the coverage of our health care. This administration seems oblivious to record spending fueled by massive entitlements, so it appears that we will be heading down the path to socialism, after all. The protestors have been great, but this crew in the White House seems to be intentionally blind to the wishes of the people. Pray that Rep. Stupak and his friends will stay strong in their opposition to the abortion language in the Senate bill.


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