Friday, January 15, 2010

Maxine Again!

Maxine is pretty right-on here, isn't she? January is the month when many families look at their tattered budgets and resolve to change the way they "do Christmas!" This is my year to try to get rid of things around the house that have not been used in the past few years. Our basement seems to be the catch-all for everything we grow tired of and don't have the heart to throw away. The stuff of dozens of future garage sales lies patiently in the semi-darkness of the basement. The hard part is digging through all the boxes and storage bins to find and price all the "treasures" to be sold for a few cents on the dollar! Our community has a town-wide garage sale in April every year, so that gives me a few months to dig through it all and get ready. The more likely scenario will be that two nights before the garage sale, I frantically try to price as many items as I can, and then everything clutters the living room and kitchen until we haul it outside in the early morning darkness (and usually, rain) to put it some sort of "order" on tables.
My son and his family have been hit with strep throat (four of them at the same time!), so things have been hectic. The girls have missed some school, but fortunately Kale has not been infected with it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my husband, daughter and I don't come down with it.
Still not much to show for my rug hooking. Progress has been very slow this winter. I want an entire day to sit and hook. I may just do that on Monday. No school means I get a day off! My husband gets the day off from work, too, so I may have to work around his plans somewhat to get my hooking time in. :0(
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Oh, if only there was an easy way to get ready for a garage sale. I have alot of things in boxes too along with things in the house that should go. Good luck with getting it done early. Hope your son's family gets better soon.


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