Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Few Thoughts About Health Care

The beauty of the Autumn foliage contrasts starkly with the ugliness going on in the halls of our Congress in recent weeks. I don't think that I have ever seen the levels of hatred and ill will displayed by so many as I have in the past several months. It seems that our freedom to express our concerns about the actions, decisions, and appointments of our President and other leaders is under assault. I regularly read several political blogs, and while there is anger on both sides, it seems that some do not want to hear the concerns of citizens who happen to be of a different party from their own. This is serious, because the loss of our ability to reasonably discuss issues is key to our finding common ground and at least some agreement.

The health care issue is so critical, and the fact that it is being written by a handful of members of the Democrat party behind closed doors without input from those who have differing opinions should send out alarm bells to both liberals and conservatives. President Obama promised transparency and bi-partisan input for all legislation considered, but there is absolutely no transparency and no bi-partisan discussion. The bills are being written by a few who don't seem to be interested in concerns that very nervous citizens are raising. This is no way to arrive at a solution to the problems of health care. The rush to write and pass legislation before the end of this year is a grave disservice to the citizens of America who will be expected to pay for and to subject themselves to its limitations and restrictions. This is especially difficult to accept knowing that none of those who are involved in the writing nor their families will be required to accept this end product as their own health care plan.

The backroom deals and arm twisting going on to try to ram this down the throats of Americans is truly revolting. Harry Reid has even written into the bill an exemption for his home state to be excluded for 10 years from having to pay the higher taxes to cover its residents' under the new plan. This was included, of course, because Mr. Reid is facing a tough uphill battle to be re-elected and doesn't want to anger his voting constituents. Who will have to pick up the tab? You know the answer...we taxpayers in other states!

This President has brought with his promise for change much division, turmoil, anger, and broken promises. I hope that it will not always be so, but for some reason, it doesn't seem to be a major concern. It seems to me that the important thing to his administration is that his plans for the remaking of America be instituted and instituted immediately! The take-over of 20 percent of our federal budget by way of socialized health care will not be easily sold to Americans, nor should it be. This needs to be closely examined from every possible angle and viewpoint. Half of America (or more) should not be expected to swallow their opposing opinion and to follow along blindly into a MAJOR change to our way of life just because the other viewpoint demands that it should happen. This is much too important for it to be reduced to angry accusations of racism, and selfish uncaring. There are very legitimate questions that need to be answered before any legislation is enacted. One of which is how in the world will we be able to pay for the trillions of dollars that this plan will cost? We are already in danger of losing our country's AAA status with the global financial world. When that happens, our health care costs will be one of the least of our worries.

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  1. AMEN...I agree..the way our country is going scares me to death..Good for you..
    Sue Mc


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